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Howdy! I think I've mentioned before how I'm trying or be more active here, hope I'll be better at that soon. I've been going through what I have and posting my old Twitter doodles. I always do a sketch or two before other work, so I have a lot of that I can post here. Hopefully that's ok, but I'll have all the art soon enough!

I've opened a patreon! I took my sweet time getting one of those going, but I am hoping to be able to work on creating my own comics and won't have to chase freelance gigs and pile on commissions on top of ones I owe to be able to get by. Right now my tiers run from $1-$15. Think about joining me there if you'd like!

Thanks for reading and take care!
It's my gallery's 16th birthday! Happy Birthday little DA gallery! Thank you to everyone who's made my time here awesome. I know I'm not as active as I used to be, but I haven't forgotten you guys! 

In other news, next week the Sonic Annual will hit shelves! It features five mini stories from some old and new artists, I hope you'll check it out! I did art for a story featuring Tangle and Whisper and it's my first work on the book since last year. I also did my own coloring for the first time. I'm a bit nervous but I hope you guys will like it. I really wish I could do more work for Sonic comics but I'm happy with the opportunities I have. 

Anyway, thanks again for keeping up with me however you do. I appreciate it!
Every time I say I’m going to update more, I don’t >.<

Things have been pretty busy on my end. I went from having no freelance work, to having three projects at once, so I’m trying to manage as best I can. Plus I have old commissions to catch up for years. I haven’t forgotten about anyone, I’ll update as soon as there’s an update to update you with.

But I wanted to say, since the holiday season is upon us, that I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Best wishes to you and yours!

Hey all! I haven’t posted many journals, but I thought I’d give a shot at plugging some auctions I put on eBay for original art of some of my Archie work.…

They end in about 16 hours (!) but if there is interest, I’ll relist them. Right now I only have pages from 282 and 283 but I’ll post others if (again) there is interest.

I’d rather these go to you guys than sitting in a box in my room.

It's been a while! I hope you're doing well :)

I'm pretty much the same. Chasing freelance work while trying to find a more steady job so I can move out of my mom's house. As some of you noticed, I drew issue 3 for the new IDW Sonic comics. And yes, I drew my old FCs in the background of a few scenes. I actually designed all the background characters in that issue! One's even based on my dog ^^; I'm really blown away by how much support the new books have gotten, so kudos to the whole team! I'm a very small part of the bigger whole, but I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say thank you!

Anyway, I hope to post more here soon, I'm still working through old commissions, so if I owe you one, it's coming and I thank you for your patience!
Just want to send a thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes here! And thank you for the core membership!

I’m still pretty busy but I’ll be updating here again soon!
Hope you’re doing well! I don’t have much to update but I did want to thank the person who got me a Core Membership! I appreciate it!

I’ve got a few projects in the pipeline but I’m slowly chipping away at my really old overdue commission list. I appreciate everyone who’s waiting for theirs. I’ll be getting to it!

I’m still unemployed but because I’m still living with mom with no income, I’ve taken over the household chores, so that’s taken over a lot of my time. If it’s not one thing it’s another 8D

Anyway, I hope your 2018 is amazing! Thanks for continuing to follow me here and feel free to check out my Twitter once in a while :) @chibijenhen_art

Dusting off this old account yet again. If anyone is still paying attention to it, I apologize for my absence! I've been using Twitter mostly but I understand not everyone does. I'm hoping to keep up this account if not to have an online portfolio of sorts. I'll be cleaning up and reorganizing some things, so keep an eye out for some new art! 

I honestly do not keep up with notes or comments here, but you can email me at jrhcommissions at outlook dot com if you've got anything you want to drop my way. I check it at least three times a week. 

Anyway, not sure what else to say, I've kind of missed this place, but I felt like people weren't interacting as much anymore. If people are just going to "like and share" I felt like Twitter was a better place for that. 

I hope to keep updating this place soon though, but I will also be opening a Patreon. It's something I've been batting around in my mind and I think it's time to just go ahead with it. I think it will help with my output of work as well. 

Thanks for sticking by me all these years. :)
Thanks everyone for your kind birthday wishes! I feel bad, I haven't updated this account in forever. I've been more active over on twitter to be honest. I should use this site more often but the app is annoying and I don't have a computer anymore :/

Anyway, thanks for all your kindness and support through the years :) you guys are awesome!
Another "sorry for the hiatus" journal that will end in another hiatus.

Life status:
I'm still trying to find another full time job. I currently work a part time where I've had to put in extra time because our boss left suddenly and unexpectedly, and apparently I'm the only reliable person they have (???) So I've been working every night from 1-8 and it sucks. The pay is horrible. I don't even want to talk about what a waste of time it is. Whatever free time I have has been for looking for something else or getting yelled at by my mother. Whatever. I'm tired of it all.

I have a TON of commissions that I still have to do. Plus some that I've done already and have no idea who they were for. I've already mixed up some people and sent wrong art to them or told them theirs was done when it's not. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm tempted to go through my paypal and just refund everyone. I think that's the best thing at this point. I have people who don't respond to me and then people who keep asking me for a response... it's all a mess. I'm the worse business person. Totally in the wrong field.

With that said, I think once I do get settled at another job, I'm taking a long break from the art stuff. I've said that before and I always crawl back to it but I think I've had all I can take at this point. Tired of getting my hopes up.

WITH THAT SAID, I'm struggling to get to Bronycon and I'm going to New York Comic Con as a guest. I'm excited to go to NYCC but Bronycon has been nothing but a nightmare. Totally done with Ponies.

Sorry, if you follow my twitter, you'll know I've been more crappy than usually lately (what a shock). I keep saying to stay positive and everything will work out, and it doesn't. Just keeps blowing up in my face. Pretty much finished with it by now.

Bye for now. 
It's been a while. I can't believe we are half done with May already! It's all going by so fast, at least for me. 

I'm sorry I haven't been around in so long. Things haven't been so hot for me but I'm trying to get through everything. Mostly trying to get another full time job to hopefully afford to move out of my mom's house. But bleh, I don't want to get into any of that right now. 

I am slowly (SLOWLY) but surely getting through commissions that I took ages ago. I appreciate everyone emailing me so I can reorganize my files and finish those up (since I've been through like 3 computers in the last few months). Please feel free to write to me at jhernandez3883 at hotmal dot com if you haven't already. There are a lot of people I owe art too and if I haven't gotten back to you yet, I will soon. I really want to thank you for your patience. You guys have been awesome while I've been going through all this crap.

I reply more on my twitter handles, they're @ chibijenhen and @ chibijenhen_art. Feel free to follow there if you've got a twitter. 

Take care and hopefully I can update sooner than later. 
Howdy! I've been pretty busy between looking for work and trying to catch up on commissions. If you've commissioned me and haven't done so yet, please shoot an email to jhernandez3883 @ hotmail .com with what you wanted so I can re-add you to my current list. Thanks!

I also wanted to plug fellow Sonic artist Jamal Peppers opened commissions! Please check his dA for info!… he's an awesome guy who does awesome work so please check him out if you're looking to get some Sonic or Megaman related art!

Talk to you soon!
Hey everyone, hope all is well! I know it's been ages since I've posted a new journal so I thought I'd write and say hey. 

If you follow my twitter, you know I've been going through a lot of personal stuff trying to find a new job since I was let go of my old one. I've gotten a part time but the pay isn't great. My mom is getting surgery soon that will keep her out of work for some time, so I'm hoping to get something else soon in order to cover the rent and light and my other expenses at home. Just yesterday my service was cut for my cell phone but mom lent me the money to at least get it back on... I'm not really happy she had to do that but I need a phone to hear back if any of the places I applied to contact me... I'm still pretty down about all of it. I keep tossing the idea of opening a Patreon but i'm not sure what to offer or do for it. Right now I'm behind on a lot of commission work (thanks again for helping me out when I needed it) so I don't think it would be wise to start a project like that before catching up on those. 

With that said, if I owe you a commission, please send me what you wanted again with any refs to jhernandez3883 at hotmail dot com. I was keeping records of everything in a notebook that I can't seem to find anymore. >.< Plus I've been through three computers so I may not have been able to back up my files for some of the references. It would just be easier to start again. So if I owe you, please write me!! I'll try to go through my notes too.

Not sure what else to say... I've just been really messed up about my whole home situation and I was having a hard time getting the motivation to even get out of bed. But that won't help things either. Got to get up and dust myself off and keep going. Push through the pain, right? Maybe I won't be such a burden to everyone soon. I just have to keep going. 

Anyway, I don't think there's much else to report. I'm really hoping I can do some conventions this year but I may not be able to afford it. :( I really don't want to miss New York Comic Con at least... we'll see what happens. 

Take care and thanks to everyone for their support on twitter when I'm venting! I often forget I have people online and at home who have my back, but I really appreciate it. :) Hope to have more work for you soon. I've got work coming out in the Archie comics soon! CHECK IT OUT! I contributed to a variant cover for 279 and I penciled interior art from 280-283. Keep an eye out for them and tell me what you think!

Love always,
So right at the heels of Baltimore Comic Con, I'm getting ready for New York Comic Con! I'm super excited! Baltimore was a lot of fun and I'm hoping this one is too! (Also hope to do a little better financially, but, like, that's a side note).

Also a side note, I started my new job yesterday. A lot to learn but it doesn't seem so bad. Everyone is really friendly and they seem to get along way better than my last job, so I'm hopeful.

Anyways, see you guys at NYCC! After this con it's back to finishing up commissions, so if I owe you one, I'm getting to it! Thanks for your patience!

W00t I leave tomorrow for Baltimore and I am super excited!! Its my first time at this con so I'm looking forward to it. Plus, I didn't go to Bronycon so I missed Baltimore this year. ;-; I love the Inner Harbor.

Anyways, if you'll be going, visit me at booth A91!

And then in 2 weeks, its New York comic con, where I'm sharing a table with Archie Action colorist and awesome artist Matt Herms. (Fellow penciler Ryan Jampole has a table right next to us. Its gonna be a regular Archie party!! XD) so come visit us! I think its D14 and D15 but dont quote me on that.

See ya soon!
So, Happy Labor Day to everyone who it applies to (or is it "to whom it applies"...? Whatever I was an art major). As someone who hasn't contributed to the corporate machine since May, it's just Monday but the whole family is home.

With that said, I start a new job at a hospital doing medical billing again on Set 14, then I've got 2 conventions, Baltimore Comic-Con and New York Comic Con. Then after that, I'll be trying to finish off all the commissions I owe since forever and mailing out print orders from LAST YEAR so I can start 2016 with a clean slate.

That's probably wishful thinking but let's see. I appreciate everyone's patience while I attempt to get my life in some kind of order.

Is 32 too young for a midlife crisis?

See you laters alligators!
So if you follow my Twitter (@chibijenhen) you'll know I got a new day job. After a back and fourth with my family about my "poor life choices" I decided it was better to get something with a more steady income, so I can move out. It's way past time for me to have my own place anyway. 

I don't start until September 14th so I still have time to catch up on commissions (which I took WAY TOO MANY OF) so I can be done with that and free myself up for the two cons I have coming up and the :coughpossiblearchieworkorwhatevercough: ...cough... Speaking of commissions, I'm sorry but there is no way I can take any more right now. I keep getting notes and while I wish I could take more, I have about 48 in my scanned folder that need to be cleaned up and probably 15-20 that I have yet to draw and some that are drawn and not scanned. I'm kinda burnt out.... But it's cool. 

What else.... So yeah, new job, probably moving soonish, secret project works, 10,000 commissions still in process.... oh yeah!

I'm going to Baltimore Comic Con if you'll be in the area. Table number A91. Hoping to have some new stuff to sell. I'm going to New York Comic Con again but no table number yet. I'm sharing that this year with Matt Herms so that should be fun! :) Please visit us if you're going!

Ok that's all. <3 see ya soon!
Seems everyone did this for dA's birthday so I figured I would too. Also so many people mentioned me in theirs. It's very humbling! ;-;

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
12 years now! What a trip!

2. What does your username mean?
It was my first username ever. The "Chibi" is from Chibi Usa (Sailor Moon) and my high school art teacher used to call me Jen the Hen, but "the" didn't fit between when I was making my AOL name so I left it out. It's supposed to read "Chibi Jen the Hen". FUN FACTS!

3. Describe yourself in three words.
"Is highly overrated"

4. Are you left or right handed?
Right handed.

5. What was your first deviation?
A drawing of Eternal Sailor Moon.…

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
Stupid, shippy fan art is my sweet nectar. XD I really want to draw more Tails and Ruby.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I'd love to do something more tangible, like sculptures or plushies. I'm ok at them, but I'd love to be better. Plus people are willing to pay more for that stuff. XD

8. What was your first favourite?
This apparently? I don't remember that far back!!…

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Anything I like. I instantly favorite any gift art 8D, but if something catches my eye, I'll fave it.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
As much as I'd love to list a bunch of people, if I had to pick ONE it would be my all around hero fyre-flye.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
There are way too many to list. It's funny to think how many of you I HAVE met though.

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
A lot of you inspire me to be a better artist, as well as a better friend and business person. It's cheesy to say, but really, your comments, and those little "you can do it" messages if I post when I'm feeling down, it really means a lot to me. I have a lot of friends and supporters and I very often forget that. So, thanks for being there.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
I will probably always prefer drawing on paper. Even if I eventually scan and digitally color it, I dunno, I just LOVE drawing on paper. I used to work a lot in color pencil and would love to that more, but I've been getting more into Copic markers now. It's faster. XD

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Conventions actually. People tell me they don't understand how I can draw with people watching or whatever but the energy at a con is amazing and seeing all the great creators around with their work hanging up just makes me want to make more. I love it. Wish I could go to more.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Don't laugh at me, but I was really shocked back in what, 2005? When I posted my Sonic fan characters I started making when I was 8 and the overwhelmingly positive remarks I got on them then (and still even now) fills me with the warm fuzzies. I love those girls and I was happy to share them with you guys. Maybe I should draw their story out, since this will be their 20th anniversary? XD
I'm slowly but surely working on everyone's commissions (still so grateful for all the help. I really thought people assumed I was dead here or something) and in the meantime, I'm also trying to restore all the stuff I took down when I rage deleted stuff. Dark times... There's a lot I don't think I even have anymore or can't even remember I had or posted.... so sorry! If you want me to repost something I didn't, let me know! I have a lot of old art but not too much. :/ It may just be lost forever.

Anyway, I'm rambling and am very tired. xD I'll catch up soon enough!!!
Okie dokie! I forget where I posted updates and what not, but I was gifted a working laptop by a very good friend, and now that I've got it, I can do full color digital art and make a proper commission sample page. With that said, I will be reevaluating my commission prices and updating them on the new sheet. 

So, this is the last call for anyone who would like line art drawings at the previous price of $15 for a single character, $25 for two. You can note me here or email chibijenhen at (Please put "Commission Inquiry" in the email subject.) 

Everyone who already got one, I have a lot done and ready to scan and will post them soon. Thanks for your patience!