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King of Pop

It doesn't matter if you're black or white.

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:rose: RIP MJ. We'll never forget you :rose:
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Wow this is awesome
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I dont think I like MJ. He was accused of being Anti semitic and I happen 2 b Jewish
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Nice picture! :D I love Michael Jackson... R.I.P. M.J.
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One year already! [link]

I turned the TV on to watch Top Gear but it was on early so the World News was coming on.

Announcer: "Singer and entertainer Michael Jackson..."
Me (thinking): "Oh, great. What hype have they come up with *now*?"
Announcer: " dead."
Me (aloud): "WHAT???"
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He will be remembered for what he has done! May Peace follow his soul.
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:iconworshipplz: A worthy pic for his glory. :nod:
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~sobsobsobsobsobsobsobsob!!!!!!!!!~ IT ISNT FARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AMEN SISTER!!! im not really an MJ fan, but he tuly had a great talent and he will always be remembered. RIP, MJ.
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Goodbye, and rest in peace.
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they make fun of him for something he did not do and now look they are all sad w/e LONG LIVE MJ!!!
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Rest In Peace, dear Michel...:iconripplz:
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This looks amazing! I love it all! The reverse colour and the glove! :3 Awesome!
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Rest in piece jacson you will always be a king to me :(
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yep! he sure will :happycry:
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Michael Jackson(in heaven):"Yeah,Im the greatest!"
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I refuse to refer MJ in a past tense. He IS the King of Pop. No one else will EVER have that title. Only HE is worthy of being called King!

He is not gone. He is an angel now.
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