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And then there were three

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I blame ~DuplexFields and his fanfic here: [link] for this scribble here.

After I watched "Sisterhooves Social" and noticed Dinky competing in the sister-centered competition with this unicorn pony (fan name Sparkler), I wrote it off as being her babysitter or maybe a relative on Dink's father's side. But I liked that little fanfic.

And there you have you it.
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Thei are such a lovely Family
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It's so beautiful…
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yay i found a background from a youtube story i like ^_^
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Such a sweet mom to both of them. She may be Dinky's biological mother, but she is truly the Mom of these two young mares. Anypony can be a mother, but it takes a mare of real caliber to be a Mom.
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She's lifting it dumbass
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Nice it is very cute
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D'awwwwwwwwwwwwww This is so cute!!!!! :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:
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awwwww that's so cute x3
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i dont know any of the horses names or stuff but i just love how you draw them
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This art is another one of those well-made arts from bronies. The lineart may be a little bit "doodle-ish", but the color, lighting and shading is well made. And it's one of those Dinky and Sparkler sisterhood image that I can think off. But one of my complain is: Why is Derpy's eyes look normal? Shouldn't her eyes look more... "derpy-ish" if that's even a word?
And here's my other complain: if you think that Sparkler is Dinky's babysitter, then how could've she participated to the Sisterhooves Contest with Dinky?

Anyways, it's still a well-made art. I'll give it an 8.5 out of 10.
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Dinky looks SO adorable!
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Your image was featured for this fanfic. [link] read it its not long and its very sweet
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A-thank you so much sir for the compliment :D
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Also, because of a racial difference, Derpy clearly adopted these two
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Aaaaw sooo cute! ;w;
Well done! :iconchuuplz:
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The best mother in all equestria
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