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Published: April 20, 2018
OMG it's happening so much at the moment Tard OMG Emote 

  1. I'm open for Comissions. (see at the end)
  2. We have Discord now! Take a visit and speak with me and Rosvo! :D DISCORD LINK
  3. I have Patreon Yay :bademoticon: Yay  PATREON LINK 

I know it's unbelievable. I started 2 years ago and I'm very proud that I've got such a great community :D It wouldn't make so much fun without you all! Mabel pines 

The links to Discord and Patreon find you above. From now on it's only about Comissions and Art Trades Mabel Caramelldansen 
Take a look at the list of sexy outfits Oh my~ 

 Camera Comissions and Art Trades Camera 

Comission Slots are open at the moment - please write me a note.

Uebersicht Rund by Chibi-Evee

Equipment by Chibi-Evee


We own a little collection of gags, collars, blindfoldes, ropes, bondage tapes and cuffs. Two different leshes and bells made the set complete.
We're still buying new equipment. I will see that I will update our equipment-picture as often as possible.
Our latest aquisition are a set of cuffs for wrists, ankles and a collar in matching black and red colors (really nice looking) and a set of black leather bondage belts.

If you're interested in some other gear we could talk about it.

I want to try two kinds of commissions types.
                1. You choose a cosplay/ outfit (or a mix) of the stuff that I posses (that I used already - I will soon make a list).
                2. You look up a cosplay on a cosplay shop and send me the link. I will order it and you will pay only the price for the cosplay + shipping (maybe a wig if needed).

Main Rules (I hope there are understandable – my English is not the best kaomoji set 1 11/19 )

  • If I really do not like the cosplay or the idea I will not do it.
  • No nude pictures! I don't like to take pictures of my bare breast, belly, back or vagina. BUT we're thinking about a latex body in flesh colour or nearly transparent. If so this rule would be a little bit loosened.
  • No porn!
  • No mummification! 
  • No latex hood that cover eyes, nose and mouth.

How does it work:

Write me a note with your comissons idea for a foto set or a script for the video.

Be exact with your ideas/wishes. If I miss something I will repeat a shoot but if it's something you did not meantion then I will not reshoot.

Like if you want a special binding then send me a picture or even better a manual for it :kinky: 

It will take some time to take the set and edit the pictures. Please keep that in mind. sleepy emote is sleepy  

You get the pictures without my logo (unless you want them with it :pantyflaunt: ) - but please note you don't have the permission to share them everywhere. If you want to post them somewhere else please contact me first and we can talk about it.

I will post the photos on my account.


I sadly can’t give you a fix price list – I thought a lot about it but the needed time can change so much from idea to idea. Like a shot with the latex plugsuit takes a lot more time since I have to get into the suit and out of the suit catluvr2 going to a wedding  and clean it up later Must clean clean CLEAN  

Or a Raven shoot fully face pained takes a lot of preparation time! Kitties  

My starting price is 50 USD that includes all the work that goes into it and you get 10 pics for it.
If you want less than 10 pics then the price stays at 50 USD. If you want more pics it will be 5 USD per additional pic.
If the outfit is really complicated to get into like a plugsuit or elaborate make up (like Ravens grey skin) or of it's some really embarassing stuff then you have to bribe me a little bit :bribe: Take it I Dare ya 
And please note: If I don't want to do it I will say no and no money on earth could change that Dog Dance (gif animation) 
Please keep in mind that you are paying two people! Me and the photographer RosvoThe photographer  

If you want a video it will be at least 30 seconds long – if you want a longer one it will cost more.
I like to do videos with a cute germany accent cute 

Please tell me exactly what you want and I will give you the price :moneyshower: 

Payments will be in advanced and only via paypal.

Special rules for the second kind of commision (Cosplay you choose)

  1. For a full cosplay you need a wig too  - please don't forget that!
  2. I don't want to share my private adress. That's why I will order the cosplay. Perhaps I will rent a mail box some day - then this rule will be a little bit loosen.
  3. Please check that the shop is shipping to Germany too.
  4. And the cosplay must be made to measure
  5. PRICE – depending on the price of the cosplay we can negotiate about how many photos or how long of video you will get  Sudo 


These kinds of photos/videos I would like to do

  • Latex Cosplay
  • Cosplay in general
  • Shiny outfits
  • Hypnosis
  • Bondage
  • Sexy Outfits in combination with hypnosis and/or bondage

…But I`m also open for other ideas

Additonal notes

  • I'm open for art trades - please contact me. Spread the love

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MasterSaruwatariStudent Writer
got any boots? 
Chibi-Evee's avatar
Chibi-EveeHobbyist Photographer
Yes I have different kind of boots in black and red ^^
I want to work out a new way for the commissions in the near future
MasterSaruwatari's avatar
MasterSaruwatariStudent Writer
any thigh highs? 
Chibi-Evee's avatar
Chibi-EveeHobbyist Photographer
Yes of course :D At the moment in white and black. But this is something you can always buy fast ^o^
sissycross's avatar
wow nice equipment :blush: and the dress are delicious :blush:
Chibi-Evee's avatar
Chibi-EveeHobbyist Photographer
Thank you ^///^
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tailsdude12Student Traditional Artist
I'm definitely curious about commissions. I have a question or two though.
-By any chance do you own earmuffs/headphones, and would you be comfortable with using those if someone commissioned it?
Chibi-Evee's avatar
Chibi-EveeHobbyist Photographer
Why not? 
I just used some headphones for another comission ^^ I posess nice black big ones.
So it's a question about the concept you're thinking ;)
The-Sad-One's avatar
Certainly busy, hope it’s fun. It’s been fun here.
Chibi-Evee's avatar
Chibi-EveeHobbyist Photographer
Well it's a little bit stressful ^^" But I'm studying now and could use the money :,D
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