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Green...edgy, natural, exciting, energetic, loud, outstanding, my favorite color EVER :P

Tried something a bit different. Hope anyone seeing it likes. :)

Model: [link] :iconkatanaz-stock:
Splatter Brush: :iconka05:
Special Thanks: :iconiced4ice:

Please download for best view if you want

and also...

PLEASE COMMENT! GIVE SUGGESTIONS, CRITIQUE, TELL ME YOU LIKE IT/TELL ME YOU HATE IT~ I want to get better and I can't do that if I have no suggestions on HOW to improve!

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Nice work... a bit curious about the title tho.
Chibi-Bombon's avatar
Thank you. It was just an idea because green is my favorite color and the whole photo started with this idea of a green splotch.
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Oh Green-Spot, i thought it meant the other thing hehe...:iconsweatplz:
Chibi-Bombon's avatar
haha right. It's ok, so did everyone else :) Sounded cooler with just G though.
Jaymar2010's avatar
So do me a favor and don't use that anymore, cuz then i won't leave your page... and maybe end up at your door in a robe... n nothing else...:iconhornyplz:
Chibi-Bombon's avatar
LOL oh ok...Why does that sound tempting LoL
Jaymar2010's avatar
Hmmm... tempting you say...
This is very good and inspiring!

Was most of the background done with brushes? I really want to do a piece like this but no idea where to start. =(
Chibi-Bombon's avatar
Thank u very much! The paint splatters were done with brushes. The rest were all shapes and pen tool creations of my own :) It takes some time, but I know u can do something just as good or better.
cadi08's avatar
this is very nice :)
i really like how you included the green spot in the b&w :)
nice job :iconohjoyplz:
Chibi-Bombon's avatar
thank you very much ^-^ :hug: I'm glad you like it
cadi08's avatar
ur welcome! :hug:
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Wow, what a great stock image! I like that you converted it to black and white, it makes the green stand out a lot more. I really like this, it seems like an advertisement for something. I like the textures and effects you used. The only thing I don't like is the green glow around the splatter. I think it just makes it look a little blurry.
Chibi-Bombon's avatar
Thank you very much! I seem to have been getting a lot of negatives from the green splat, and I guess I finally see that it's more so the blur causing the weird feel to the image. Thanks very much! I was trying something different from what I normally do, so it really means a lot to have you notice those things ^-^ Thank you for your comment
Climaximus's avatar
Your most viewed piece so far, and also your best. :D
That green splotch still looks weird to me :P then again, I'm not much of a digital artist so I shouldn't be criticizing. >.>
Great job :)
Chibi-Bombon's avatar
thanks so much ralfie!! ^____^
laliluleilo's avatar
Oh my! Must've been pretty hard work. So many details, so neat! Simply amazing.
Chibi-Bombon's avatar
thanx so much! ^^
FiendNinja's avatar
Very nice!
definetly the best! Excellent work
Chibi-Bombon's avatar
haha wow thank u so very very much n.n! ^-^
mizeryfoxo0's avatar
wow that is awsome!!!!!!!!!!! :clap:
iced4ice's avatar
Then fave it if you will hehe :D
mizeryfoxo0's avatar
YES!!!!! i shalll :evillaugh:
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