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Equality Is For Everyone

I really don't like all the stamps out there that are pro this but also anti that. Just say what you love and leave it at that. Everyone has their opinion, and that's cool. But honestly, all of these hate wars have to stop. Whether they're over stupid things like feminism or over big things like war. This stamp is to support peace between people. The world and the people in it, whether beast, bird, insect or plant, deserve to be respected for what they are. So all of you people with "I hate _______" stamps can stfu. <3 Why not spread the love? Try finding something to support that is positive.

I did this stamp because I found a stamp that read 'feminine not feminist'. Now, I am not saying do not support that stamp, but what was written in the description bothered me. Feminism is not a bad thing. Women who think they are better then men are wrong. They are not feminist. A feminist believes in equality. I believe in equality. Between men and women. Between those who are religious and those who are not. Between people with different sexual preferences. Between the fuckards that call themselves humans and nature. We're all from the same place, nothing and no one is better than any other thing. Those are my beliefs.

Everything is Equal. Equality is for everyone.



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You wouden't agree with a psychopath

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That's true ^.^!
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Hiya! This has been added to our group. 

Thank you. 
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Yo, this is cool :D ! Peace out Big Fool Emoji-28 (High Five YES) [V4] !
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Such a simple statement but extremely true!
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I'm currently in an argument on Youtube (I know stupid. I'm about to cut it off there is no point) because I commented to someone that said to a joke racist commercial "THIS IS FUNNY BECAUSE IT'S HOW WHITES THINK" I pointed out that statement was in itself racist.

Then someone else commented.

That "it's not racist if it's true" and that "Whites just try to turn a blind eye to racism." I made a point that no we don't. I certainly don't stand for it. I cried when a guy insulted blacks in front of me because I thought of people I care about. Just that we as the White community shouldn't be clumped in with the racists that we don't like either. And that I stand for "equality for all on both sides".

This spiraled into apparently I'm denying Racism exists to cover it up and turn a blind eye (Despite saying repeatedly it exists on both sides and is equally disgusting no matter who says it.)

Apparently wanting equal respect is "racist" and calling "blacks over sensitive" which I didn't say I just said most whites don't like white racists or being clumped in with that.

(Or being called a "cracker" I would never call someone a derogatory slang term for their ethnic origin because I strongly believe skin color is just skin color why should I be called that?)

It hits hard for me because my aunt and two of her children are racist. I don't visit them and they make me extremely angry. I'll strongly voice my opinion against them.

That's not equality.
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You are extremely right, thank you for making this :]
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Amen to that! And I love the colors! It's cute AND gets the point across!
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If you believe in equality then you are not a feminist you are an equalist. We had to get a new term because feminism these days is so full of hateful misandry in the form of nonsense like: "Men have fucked up the world, if there were no men the world would be perfect," that the term became an insult. Equalists, people who car about equality of oppurtunity & not equality of outcome.
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nuff said!!!!
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I agree wholeheartedly! <3 Spread the love and equality! <3
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I definitely agree with this stamp.

Although I was always confused as to why feminism means equality when it's a gender-specific term. :O I don't blame people for having misconceptions about it. I'd much rather go with 'humanist', because there's no way that can be twisted as sexist. ;P
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I agree so hard it hurts. Or at least equalist. I think the day of feminism is over, and it should be a movement for equal treatment no matter the gender.<3
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So true, I agree. ^-^
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I like what this says!! :) Thanks!
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There is so much I want to say about this peice. I don't even know you but I love you for making this.
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*giggle*<3 I'm glad you like it hun. I just wish there were more people who believed it.
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It's just so hard to find your place in this world as a feminist with out people automatically assuming you're out there to destroy men. Even after you explain what feminism means, their will be that majority who will ask you why it isn't called equalism, for they find the word feminism intimidating. Why is it that every word word based upon feminine attributes is seen as negative??
Aww dear, sorry for the rant.
It's just that, people are livng it, living out what feminism is all about and yet they wholeheartedly denounce the importance of it.
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