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The Radio Demon - Alastor


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Digital Painting After Wangjie Li

Perfect Paintings

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Again more RED! This time awesome pieces of ART!

huh kewl

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Life with the Creepypastas (1) - Meet Slenderman

"It's not fair! Why is the whole world against me?!", you grumbled while you wiped away your tears. You're currently running away from home. You feel misunderstood and the fact that your parents care more about your little brother than you doesn't make it any better. Just a few minutes ago, you quarreled with your parents and accidently raised your voice to the point that your own father slapped you across the face. You were shocked. You never thought that your father would ever hurt you physically. [Brother's Name] was hiding behind your mother's legs and wanted to say something but you cut him off. "Don't say anything to me!!!" Now your

CreepyPasta Stories

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Wicked Nature


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Alastor Fanfic

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Amazing Abstract

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Lucifer stories

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The Radio Demon - Alastor


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Villainous x Reader - Katz Kandy (74)

"Hey, guys! Who wants cookies~?" Demencia and 505 rush to the kitchen and immediately stuff their faces. Flug sighs, but you can tell that he's smiling underneath the paper bag. "They're pretty greedy when it comes to your sweets. Who can blame them? They're delicious!" You wave your hand dismissively. "Compared to my mother, I'm still a beginner. Trust me, I've still got a lot to learn." "Aw, no need to be modest, (Y/N)! Your sweets are as good as that of a full-fledged professional!" "You think so? I'm not so confident anymore, ever since I lost against [Rival's Name] in that Bake-Off." "Come on, you know she totally rigged the contest to her favor! If it weren't for her, you would've won!" "..........Thank you, Flug. I do believe in my sweets-making skills, but still..." 505 senses a slightly depressed aura from you, so he embraces you, which you gladly return. Even Demencia is silent, as she stares at you with a pensive expression. Flug hates nothing more to see you

Black Hat stories

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The Resting Sun

phenomenal photography

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fantastic fractals

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Dazzling Doodles

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