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What is the point in recycling old clichés? The idea behind this series is to create the most unique representation of Zodiac signs showing the true nature and essence of what they stand for. After 3 years since the first designs have been posted I decided that it is time to revive the series and redo everything, adding more detail, more color, more thought behind each sign. I received hundreds of replies from people thanking me for getting the essence of the sign right, this is amazing, you guys get it, not much needs to be said further. I hope you all enjoy this revision.
Cheers, Aleks.


*** If you want to get this as a tattoo, I have no problems with it, only thing I ask is that I would love to see a picture of that tattoo, you can email me at ***

Also please follow me @Aleks7even
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I have tattoo from this picture!)
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I would like to feature your images for the month of September (2015) on my website for a new horoscope page I'm putting together.  I will credit your work and put a link to this page (or your website) for my clients to purchase prints.  Would that be ok?  


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it's just beautiful
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This is beautiful.
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I am a Taurus and I think this is awesome! It has great detail and I discover something new every time I look at it. I've been thinking about getting a tatto for a while now and I believe this would be the perfect motive because it perfectly symbolises Taurus and a zodiac is something you are your whole life so it would always match me.
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this is the kidn of word i feel like commenting takes away from its mastery unique delicate mecanical perfection mastery of the tools all spoken simply its like an imprint that can be found in all your works nothing can match its resonace ever its vibration is like pure sympany of metal fractal curned by the sol
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I've been searching high and low for a good piece of Taurus artwork and until now all I've found is ehh, but this...this is gorgeous, unique, and simply beautiful.
good, no, great work!!
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thank you kindly :)
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Thank you kindly
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how would you say it defines taurus? ^_^
just curious, it's my sign and all.
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Every one decipher the meaning for themselves
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ssooo sick!! LOVE IT!!
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I will definitelly do a tattoo like this if I may , this is exactly what i was looking for :)
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Would you be opposed to me getting this tattood on my upper thigh... i'm trying to cover up my scars get something that represents courage wisdom and strength... and I am a taurus... I just think this would be a perfect symbol as long as i have your acceptance.
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this is such a unique zodiac design :D

would it be at all possible to use this design for a tattoo? :) ...(thought i'd better ask first)
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excellent work :clap:
i love it!!!
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awsome!! I love it
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Each week we pick only the best artists to feature. This is not a collection of art, but a collection of ideas as this piece was featured in our Zodiac update.

Please take the time to look at the feature, and to look at the other art. We are glad to have you on DA and even more pleased we found your work to feature. We hope to hear more from you soon and look forward to your new work for it is a true example of what art should be.


~Until then
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Thank you so much for the feature :)
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very nice job ! really like the detail of your draw

btw, I'm taurus ;P
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This is great! I love the details of the horns. :+favlove:
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thank you :)
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