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What is the point in recycling old clichés? The idea behind this series is to create the most unique representation of Zodiac signs showing the true nature and essence of what they stand for. After 3 years since the first designs have been posted I decided that it is time to revive the series and redo everything, adding more detail, more color, more thought behind each sign. I received hundreds of replies from people thanking me for getting the essence of the sign right, this is amazing, you guys get it, not much needs to be said further. I hope you all enjoy this revision.
Cheers, Aleks.



***If you want to get this as a tattoo, I have no problems with it, only thing I ask is that I would love to see a picture of that tattoo, you can email me at ***

Also please follow me @Aleks7even
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I love your art, Hope I can use this for a tattoo.
baconbuttie's avatar
Loving your work, think I have found my next tattoo. Having it done in the new year. Will send you some pix of the finished work and will get the tattooist to drop a link on his website and FB page.
Rommione's avatar
this is amazing!!!!! can i use it for a tattoo? 
chib's avatar
Absolutely, I just like to see the final picture of the tattoo
MischieviousSqueaky's avatar
all of these are wickedly awesome!!
chib's avatar
Polterize13's avatar
Not old enough for a tatoo, but do you mind if I use this as a profile photo?
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just give me credit and id appreciate throwing some cash at my print store :)
Polterize13's avatar
credit given a long time ago, as for the store....ya I live in Europe so..
ttnag's avatar
sweet design. what program did you use to design it?
chib's avatar
thank you, ink pen and photoshop
SinclairNoir's avatar
This is great. I was searching for ideas for a back piece tattoo and when I searched for my zodiac sign this came up. I wouldn't get this tattooed on me though but I would like you to know that this will serve as an inspiration.
chib's avatar
Thank you kindly, glad this could serve as an inspiration :)
marilynmanson0069's avatar
I was searching for my Gemini tattoo when I ran across this! Maybe it's meant to be :)
chib's avatar
Excellent, would love to see a picture if you choose to get it as a tattoo
marilynmanson0069's avatar
Will post one when ever the day comes! :)
aalves1957's avatar
Hi im sure you been hearing this from everyone, this is an amazing art and i want to get a tat of you mind explaining the details? at least the the things hanging on the neck?
chib's avatar
Thank you kindly, this goes for all signs they are open to interpretation, as geminies to me it wais heavy on the balance between two manifestations hence the weights balancing them out
Xsqueezit's avatar
This is amazing, I totally want to redraw this O.O ..... You make all of us Geminis proud *sniff* ;D
chib's avatar
hahaha thank you kindly :)
x3yuraddiction's avatar
would u mind if i use this a tattoo design?
Pooch-e's avatar
Im looking for the perfect gemini and cancer sign tattoos to get done.
I still have to take a look at cancer but I actually fucking love this.
The fact that the used is my all time favorite and this captures everything for me.
So If you don't mind if I like the cancer one if it's okay to get them tattooed as a pair. :)<3
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WOW, so sick and disturbing and AWESOME. It's chilling, as if the zodiac signs were part of an old kind of magic that we've forgotten, something very powerful and too real to handle. LOVE IT!
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