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It should have been Spock I drew there. It really should have. If ya squint real hard and pretend...! But no, that's the character I came up with as a kid; Saavik and Spock's child due to the Pon Farr in "The Search for Spock."

This is my first attempt at a digital painting. Didn't turn out too bad, considering, but the hair drove me to insanity. I do like how the planet turned out though.
The Vulcan ended up looking like he's in profile, but he's actually supposed to be looking a little away, hence the flatness of the nose and awkward jaw line. I didn't pull that off so well!

Made in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 with various usage of the paintbrush with the elipse tool and inverse for the planet. And of course the lens flare makes everything so much better!
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:heart: I love the idea, and his expression. There's both hope and darkness throughout the picture; very nice.
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Thank you much, I'm just glad it turned out! XD
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Very nice!!! Did you give him a name?