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Kitten Butterfly Glow


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Curious kitten plays with magical glowing butterflies.

Based loosely on this tutorial

With thanks for the following resources:
kitten -
Butterfly -
Butterfly -
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I must send this to my friend she'll love it more than me and that's saying something because I really love it

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Thanks for your kind words. I love how it turned out too :-)

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This is beautiful I can’t even!🤩🤩
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Thank you for your kind words.

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That is a spectacular photograph!

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Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment hug

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Very adorable to say the least.

Though I do just hope the Kitten doesn't think to play rough to where it injuries one of the firefly/butterfly hybrids (Like most kittens).

And is calm enough to sit back and view one of God's most unique creations in his toy box.

Not much more needs to be said.

Aside from that. A beautiful job done on the drawing. God bless and Happy Early New Year.

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Thank you for your lovely words - I think this will be a well-behaved and gentle kitten. Merry christmas everybody Happy New Year 2011

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Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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Enchanting and magical. Marvelous work. Come take a look at my page.
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