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Choose Your Own Adventure

Based on this tutorial…

With thanks for the following resources:
Background Sky/Clouds:…
Hair Brushes:…
Cloud Brushes:…

Constructive criticism gratefully received.
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Thank you, and thanks for stopping by again, appreciate your interest in my work.
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Amazing and touching artwork!!! :)
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That's lovely of you to say, thank you.
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Beautiful and creative concept :love:
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Thank you for saying so. Hug 
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Wonderful concept.  I like that you placed the clouds in the upper sky around her to help emphasis the subject.  Everything is blended fairly nicely.  Although, the main book case (the girl is sitting on) could use a little more cloud wisps at the bottom...just a little.  I wish the sun in the background were a little more defined..just a hair but that'd probably be a different source image due to it being blown out a bit there.  And you could have make a line of sunlight on the girl's right shoulder since she's backlit.  Looks like it's there a little bit already but it could be more golden.    This is really good work though.  You ever consider a redbubble?  They seem to really groove off reading related items there...this kind of thing would look good on a throw pillow imho.
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Thank you for taking the time to provide such considered and helpful feedback, it is greatly appreciated.  I'll keep your suggestions in mind when working on my next piece.
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Awsome art work!Heart 
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it. Woohooooo! 
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Fantastic concept :)
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Glad you like it, thank you
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You're very sweet, thank you.Woohooooo! w00t! 
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Thanks for stopping by
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love the concept :clap: well done
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Thank you, you're very kind.
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