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My art is Copyright You may not modify, reproduce, copy edit or publish my own works without my written permission. My work does not belong to public domain.

B I O G R A F I E :

Carla Stichelbaut known as C4U, is a creative artist.

For her, art is primarily an emotional and passionate activity. Inner experiences and stimuli find their way into her works.

Photography did have her interest since very young age. As into all other areas of art she is a self-taught artist.

She has built-up throughout the years a lot of experience in creating digital surreal landscapes and scenes, for which she is well-known on a number of specialized websites.

She combines real photos with self-imagined fantasy worlds, which leads to unique compositions. She really likes surreal environments, hence it is no surprise that the work of Salvador Dali and René Magritte (the last one is also referencing towards her home-country Belgium) inspires and influences her a lot.

Often her work contains a hidden dark side, which makes it on the other hand also very recognizable.

Since December 2013, C4U is exploring a brand new path.  She found her way back to traditional art by using charcoal and pastel techniques.

By means of self-study and courses she wants to improve step by step her capabilities in this exciting type of art.

In addition, she exploring the vibrant and delicate world of aquarelle paintings.  

Her creations are peaceful and encourage her to further develop her knowledge and expertise in this area of art.

In her art nudes express human vulnerability in a very identifiable way.

The watercolors bring out her love for nature.

For C4U art is oxygen.

The extra dimension to life.

A way to reconnect with the pure values of life.

° self-taught

° course watercolor by Jan van lysebetten (august 2016) Plein air painting

° course 3D design and printing by Peter Smolders (september 2015)



C4U is a proud member of the

" The International Visionary Community Leonie Art Project "

Carla Stichelbaut C4U - BELGIUM


E X H I B I T I O N S :

1ste Pub

°°°  L E O N I   A R T    P R O J E C T   II   -   T H E   A B Y S S  °°°

°°°  International exhibition of visionary art °°°  

Espinho, Portugal   

Belgian representative  

Art selected by jury  :  . . . The Abyss . . .  

October 3rd - November 7th 2020


Venezuela Visionaria

°°° L E O N I    A R T   -   V E N E Z U E L A   V I S I O N A R I A  °°°

°°°  International exhibition of visionary art °°°

Genoa Italy - Chiostro di San Mattio San Cristobal, Venezuela, Virtual Gallery

Selected as 1 of the 8 international artist

Art  :  . . . Paradise . . .

From September 19th to 26th 2020


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°°° L E O N I    A R T   -   J O U R N E Y   O F   S O U L S  °°°

°°°  International exhibition of visionary art °°°  

Genoa Italy - Palazzo Doria Spinola  

Selected as 1 of the 8 international artist 

Art  :  . . . Distance . . .  

From April 18th to 21th 2019


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°°°  L E O N I   A R T    P R O J E C T   °°°

°°°  International exhibition of visionary art °°°  

Genoa Italy - Palazzo Doria Spinola  

Belgian representative  

Art selected by jury  :  . . . The key . . .  /  . . . Return . . .  

November 15th-30th 2018


P U B L I S H E D   A R T  :

. . . Voices . . . /  Digital Art

Publication in book "Flua : Pare de brigar com voce e traga de volta sue alinhamento"

by Louis Burlamqui

. . . Time will tell . . .   &   . . . Last day goodbye . . .   /  Digital Art

used by Drifting Sun, a UK-based Progressive Rock studio project,  for compilation CD

. . . Connection . . .  /  Traditional Charcoal Art

used by Prof Dr. Julia Kregnow, Penn State University for presentation

. . . Out of Time . . .  /  Digital Art  

Publication by Florin Cosma  in online article

. . . Time will tell . . .  /  Digital Art

Publication in Kadaan an online Turkish university magazine

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The year 2020 has been totally under the spell of Covid19. Many events have been cancelled or postponed. The year 2021 will hopefully bring improvement. We all hope for a better "new normal" life. The international exhibition in which I participate has also been postponed. There is good news because the new date has been set. LeoniArt Project – The Abyss - PORTUGAL The exhibition is scheduled and confirmed by the Municipality of Espinho open talk / conference » October 2nd 2021 vernissage » October 2nd 2021 exhibition » October 2nd 2021 > November 13th 2021 local » Biblioteca Municipal José Marmelo e Silva | Espinho, PORTUGAL
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" Leoni Art - Venezuela Visionaria " International Exhibition The new exhibition " VV - Venezuela Visionaria " did bring several international artists together. I created my artwork . . . Paradise . . . for this event. And got invited to be part of this international exhibition. My art was 1 of the 16 selected works. The theme of this Exposiotions was Venezuela Visionaria. After 1498, Genoa and Venezuela meet again in the Art of the XXI century. The theme of the event is the Venezuelan landscape, in a vision that join the scenes seen by Christopher Columbus, when he first arrived on the shores of the Gulf of Paria, with the dreamlike vision of the artist. That which the Genoese navigator defined "Tierra de Gracia", today revives in the images of international artists. The artists did get selected by Corrado Leoni (LeoniArt) and LaMelaDi Vetro through a specific invitation. . . . Paradise . . . The location of this event was "Chiostro di San Mattio San Cristobal
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My thanks to and respect for the caregivers. When the covid19 outbreak happened, many people made an extra effort. Among them are certainly the nurses of the Jan Portaels Academic Hospital. I wanted to express my gratitude by thanking them in my way for all their courage and perseverance in difficult times. The university hospital and the nurses could appreciate this. Original link AZ JAN PORTAELS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AZ Jan Portaels 27 August at 15:40 - Maybe you've already noticed: once in a while we put a work of art from the hospital in the spotlight. The works are often painted by patients or staff. On geriatrics there is a four-part work of art by Carla Stichelbaut. #patients' experience #involvement #Thank
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