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The Fire Fox

The fire fox, "tulikettu", is from Finnish mythology. Its fur is pitch black, but it shines in the right lighting conditions and sparks in mysterious light when you touch it. Those sparks would fly to the sky and create the northern lights when its tail or sides hit the snow or branches as it ran. The Finnish word for the northern lights, "revontulet", literally translates to "the fires of the fox". It was hunters's biggest dream to catch one as its coat was very valuable and it would've made you rich and famous for the rest of your life. Stories say that their coats were used to lit cellars as they were safer than using fire.

Made for an illustration course at uni where we had to pick a character from Finnish mythology, design it and make a character sheet.
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Sorry I meant one, and instead of antagonit I meant antagonist lol.

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Wow this incredible! It's also a really big coincidence because I'm about to start a series of books I wanna write where the main character eventually discovers she has fire powers, and the main antagonit in won of the books/entire series is a black she-fox lol

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I love all of your mythological work.  :heart:

Your animal drawings are so perfect, too. 
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Beautiful and cool. Looks exactly like my dog except the tail.

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Wow he looks so beautiful!

Fantastic artwork! A masterpiece

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Omg thats so cool! Nice job!

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EPIC!  Wonderful imagery and mythos.
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The texture details make this work visually striking. 
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Ohh, really nice! I love your fur texture and how you slid in those "on fire" strands of hair into their fur.
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i wanna turn this wolf into a real man for certain things^^
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So Pretty <3 
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Looks great! Very good work!
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Such a cute fox :D much too cute to just hunt it down :o
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The work on the shades of the fur is really amazing. You did a good job on this one !

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He is charming, has a beautiful face, like mine, hehe

Beautiful work, inspired by a beautiful story.

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