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The Encounter

I wanted to do some mood studies and chose a scene with my characters Kris and Kio. Did a bunch lighting the scene in different ways, this is the canon one though :D It was a lot of fun, will post the rest of the studies later!
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Just watched the video of this on YouTube, and it's so good. You did such an amazing job on that video as well as this one and the 2 other animations of the girl riding on this big fox! Wonder what great adventures they'll have along the way?

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o lobo guará é um aninal tão bonito e ao mesmo tempo tão medonho

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A beautiful beast

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That's a big boy.

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I knew Maned wolves were big, but this big fella is off the charts!

Excellent work by the way! :D

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*sees floof*...gimmy

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my fear of foxes has increased

Nice Artwork XD

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A very large fox O_O

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Aardwolf or mained Wolf i believe .they are Rodent and insect eaters no harm to us or cattle .

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"lost child?"

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Gosh I love the atmosphere of this artwork

the red highlights make the maned wolf so pretty yet intimidating

this is simply stunning, keep it up!!

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This is amazing! Good job once more, Chiakiro!!
One thing is for sure, you definitely draw humans better than me. XD
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lorg!! gives me some trico vibes, haha

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Love the dynamic in this one. My only point would be the direction his eyes point to, I feel like they're not focussing her enough.

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Oh yeah I felt that too, tried to adjust them in each of the studies afterwards but eh xD (used the same base for all) thanks!

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When small redhead meets big redhead 😄
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Indeed :'D thanks!

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Looks so beautiful! Very good work!

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You're welcome!

Beautiful, your work on the light.

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