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Fire fox

I wanted to paint something black so I painted the fire fox from Finnish mythology again :]

Its fur is pitch black, but it shines in the right lighting conditions and sparks in mysterious light when you touch it. Those sparks would fly to the sky and create the northern lights when its tail or sides hit the snow or branches as it ran. The Finnish word for the northern lights, "revontulet", literally translates to "the fires of the fox". It was hunters's biggest dream to catch one as its coat was very valuable and it would've made you rich and famous for the rest of your life. Stories say that their coats were used to lit cellars as they were safer than using fire.
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This is currently my wallpaper 😍🔥🎨✨ your art is AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️

aww hey who here is gay i am

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I love how it looks and those gold, ever subtle fur pieces that pop <333

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Thank u for them comments!

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Good day Chiakrio! Have you seen my analyzation of your wonderous art piece? ^^ Stay safe during these trying times! @Chiakiro

Chiakiro's avatar

Oh yeah thank you for the kind words! Quite an essay, I don't know what else to say haha

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once in a blue moon but ILU <3

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He's so cute! It looks so real!

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this is really beautiful!! the way you drew the fur with those gold streaks is just so pretty aaAAA I'm an absolute sucker for anything black with gold accents and gosh I love this <3

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It's incredibly expressive.

With those eyes it looks almost human!

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This is quite a fascinating piece of art Chiakiro. As I closely inspect this work of art titled, Fire Fox of 2020, the artist has clearly used an excellent array of black, grey, yellow, pink and purple. The yellow represents the small strands of fur that meshes well with the grey/black fur. The contrast of black is slightly more darker than the choice of grey for the face and a use of light grey/white for the eyes. The eyes tell a story of a fox that is ready to scouting the area for it's prey. It is shown in the reflection of one of it's pupils, that the fox is looking at a piece of land where it target it might be.

Or, the fox could be a friend and just wanting to say hello to it's viewers. Chiakiro chose to paint the fox in the center as the it takes up most of the grey background, which gives the illusion that somebody could have quite possibly taken a picture of the fox or the fox could have pounced on it's master/prey in a playful matter. The painting screams of a powerful fox shrouded in mystery, but it also illustrates that not all creatures are deadly to the naked eye. The black fur reminds me of a pasture of burnt leaves, that did not survive a deadly forest fire. With the long and short strokes of the artist, I also see asymmetrical shadow figures, who appear to be telling us a story of the wolf and how it had survived this forest fire. Clearly enough, it appears to be happy/well cared for by it's owner based on the slight tilt of it's head which shows it's innocence.

Either way, this was very well done! Very inspiring!

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Aw man, I thought it was a calupoh :(

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"Good lord, what is happening with your hair?"

"Aurora Borialis."

"Ah- AURORA BORIALIS? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? COMING OUT OF YOUR TAIL?"


"...may I see it?"


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Love those little sparks in the fur.

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I absolutely love your take on this mythos.

I've been learning Finnish, so it's so great to see these posts from you! :heart:

I love your work so much.

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Thank you! And cool, good luck learning Finnish! It's a tough one xD

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It's beautiful. I love the description. Would be cool to see it as an animation :D

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Everything is this picture is perfect 👍 love it
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how did you made the details look that good?

I really like the fur on this fox

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