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Fire Tutorial

I don't usually do tutorials, but I found this fire with its layers still existing that I had done maybe over a year ago and thought why not to make a tutorial out of it. x) Hope it helps someone.
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This as pretty helpful. I still need more practice but it is definitely an improvement.

Fire Dude
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I Hope You Burn

this was very helpful, thank you!

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Thank, it really helped, I was in photoshop so I had to figure out other way of creating the effects and reimagining the structure to suit the desired effect

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its a little hard to read but this helped me a lot thanks 🙏

Thank you this is very helpful

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This is awesome!, it's very helpful.

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Awesome stuff! Thanks so much!
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ahh thanks so much, it's very helpful!!!!!
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I need a little more practice but heck was this helpful. I was drawing a background for a new animation I'm working on and I needed to make the houses on fire. 

I just realized I need to make it move, but frick it, I don't care. This is just a random animation I'm doing that may or may not actually go somewhere XD
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I saw this tutorial many times before and tried it out just now.

Since I'm new to Photoshop I thought it would be similar to this, I was wrong but the result turned out really good. I first started out following the instructions in the tutorial, but then I realized I had forgot some steps and went back to correct them, which ended up with something unique. I then started going my own method, building up the form of the fire in greyscale instead of color. After the form was done, I added color to it by making a new layer set to overlay.

These were the results:
FireTest by foxes76133  
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Thats really cool! Damn, I would never have been able to come up with my own way. Keep doing what you doing man!
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Thanx bud. I'm actually working on a kind of landscape Oil Painting on Photoshop. So far it's going along fine but it's been time consuming and tedious. Only a small portion, a mountain in the distance, is complete but it took about two to three hours to do since of all the detail put into it. By that time my hand was cramping big time so i took a rest but forgot all about it, lol.
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For Clip Studio Paint users, I recommend using the Transparent Watercolor brush instead of the airbrush! Also, since there is no "Luminosity mode", use Add or Add (Glow).
Burn baby, burn! by Wyta-Wolf  
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what is luminosity mode? I'm on FireAlpaca.
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p sure it's "add"
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what does density mean for medibang?? there isn’t a density setting ;w;;
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This tutorial helped immensely!
Chou Hissatsu Shinobi-bachi! [Mai Shiranui] by DeadPhoenX

I drew fire once before. But this time it looks more convincing. And I did it with a tight schedule! Many thanks!

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Personal Work 1: Fire Cat by ZolaDeus  thank you again. Love this tutorial. =)
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This was really helpful, thanks
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this was helpful. thank
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