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My maned wolf character Kio :] always love a rim light~
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Fantastic! Congrats friend! I'm biologist and im especilist with maned wolves. Thanks for your work!

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i love your paintings so much, im not that great at doing art but i wish to get to your level of amazing somepoint in the future, if you do not mind how long have you been painting?

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This is so wonderfully beautiful! :faint:

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Your rendering skills Chiaki <333333333 you've improved so much ;;!!!

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Gosh I love minded wolves so much aAA

this is beautiful I'd kill for your gorgeous realistic style and lighting its so pretty ;W;

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That's delicious

The definition and lighting is absolutely remarcable

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That's abolutely stunning!

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I love the overall mood and rim lighting in this piece! :)

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Absolutely gorgeous!

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Now its my favorite work ! :love: :heart: :clap:

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I really need to learn your lighting technique 😮
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Wow!Just Wow! I am sooo Envious!!

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I made something similar to this. Nonetheless, absolutely beautiful!
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That looks wonderful. I like a wolf is great.

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Wow, this is amazing and beautiful! Oh my gosh!! 🤩
Good job at doing this wonderful art!!! 😇👍
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