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Chiaki's Nuzlocke 121
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Published: September 28, 2019
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I feel like I should say already that it will be explained how Red can have a legit bond with his pokemon (and Blue) despite being a psychopath, I didn't forget that that should be "impossible" :') There's more than just emotional attachment to it. Anyways I hope I got my facts right, I did a ton of research over the years after I realized he's one and tried to put it in my own words there. Many called him a sociopath, but sociopaths are made by their violent environment in childhood (which he didn't have), it's learned behavior and they are still capable of some feelings, while psychopaths are born and it's more deep rooted, they literally have a different brain and can't feel a darn thing even if they wanted. Actually you can't be officially diagnosed with either, it's called just antisocial personality disorder. And now I want everyone to know that antisocial does not mean a person who's not social. The correct word for that would be asocial, but of course that doesn't sound as cool.

Random fun fact: Originally I had an idea that Steven had had a Latios in this before ORAS was even announced. I scrapped the idea it was for but I have to say I was pretty baffled when I played the demo.

not a fan of drawing people just sitting and talking for so dang long
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BadLuck627Hobbyist General Artist
Like many people I've been binging this series and holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
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the-real-fairy-amyHobbyist Digital Artist
oh fuck neiurhfwezs
also just finished binging this and can i just say? big love
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SilenceNGasterHobbyist General Artist
Their faces are like: Fuck. My. Life!! Why is he here now?!
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IcyPheonixStudent General Artist
I went to click 'Next' and, what you mean I'm caught up?
But oh man that was great, I cannot wait to see where this goes
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DatStalkerKatHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for making such a long page! It's full of detail, I love it. And I really enjoyed the talk they had. It's very relateable to my life situation as of now. Thanks so much! I hope the next pages won't have so much stress on you. Good luck :D Heart bum 
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ChiakiroStudent Digital Artist
Thank you! I hope you're okay! :0
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Glad these two got a few moments of peace to laugh and smile.
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Actually, I've read that Sociopathy and Psychopathy are the same condition. It's just that people with that condition prefer different terms, depending (I'd have to guess) on how destructive they feel they are to society as a whole. So I guess it depends on your sources.

I am looking forward to you explaining how he has that bond. It does seem rather clear that his Pikachu might share his condition, but it would be...odd if all 6 members of his team did as well.
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Eri-ArtsStudent General Artist
I going  with a head cannon that he (for example like what Cyrus could do to his pokeMon) is manipulating his Pokémon’s feelings and emotions. Into them believing that their is some bond thing between them.
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ChiakiroStudent Digital Artist
The same condition called antisocial personality disorder, yes, but they are different. The whole thing is kind of a gray area since the two aren't clinically diagnosable and not well researched outside of criminals (the extreme end of it).

And the explanation is nothing special btw, I just had to find a way out of this conflict that he still can have bonds xD and I did. Also Pokemon don't think the way humans do in our culture or have the same level of morals. Like, Cheza is pretty murderous. They fight in the wild, sometimes kill each other like animals do, and hunt each other for food. They don't care as much. I've interestingly noticed how people assume that even in fantasy worlds, even creatures that aren't humans, share the same culture and morals as we readers do, although there's a lot of places in the real world too where it's totally normal to just not care about anything but yourself and the people close to you.
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ohmygojgfsdvkghjghcjhghvbhyjvkhvbmv hgv,h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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celdragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
meeps ... how much of the conversation did he hear : < 
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
Unlucky day, indeed.
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BirdLovesNew Deviant

I hope you do the final battle on youtube video like you did the because the battles on page 57 and 78 were amazing. The Music and sound effect heighten the emotions, deaths, tensions, and feelings. I always have the feeling that you were foreshadowing Mega Evolution on page 10. I thought the final battle will be with Steven when he use Mega Metagross against Chiaki but now I think Steven will give Chiake a Mega stone to Mega Evolve Netone into Mega Swampert against Red. It would be cool if Steven and Chiaki work together against Red using a Mega Metagross and Mega Swampert in the final Battle.

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Sorry, but on the author's gallery page for the nuzlocke, this run is confirmed to be a Pokemon Sapphire run back in 2013. That's way before ORAS was introduced.
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BirdLovesNew Deviant

Neither was Red in both Sapphires

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10animallover10Hobbyist Writer
The last panel xD Gotta love the 'Holy shit' faces XD

And damn, you did do research! I have not done any studies or read lots of research about this all, but my (now unfortunately) ex-girlfriend explained stuff to me because she studied pedagogy and these type of disorders were taught there too^^
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skygal333Hobbyist Writer
The last panel's expressions are a good example expression of "OH FUCK".  
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ShadowPhoniex5432Student General Artist


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BlueBlazeOwOStudent General Artist
This comic is everything, so deep and well written. And the drawings, the expressions are so on point arrrg

Also, I ship 'em now.
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ChiakiroStudent Digital Artist
Llama shy  thanks!!
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Red is a psycho killer. 

Some cliffhanger tho. 
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