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Hahahah pissed myself at this... LOVE toby :)

Original video: [link] btw, he's yelling "IM A BIRD MOTHER F*****, IM A BIRD!!!!!"

Some people seem to been having a cry over this not being mine.. wel I DID make the .gif, but I'm not claiming the original video as my own and never will...

On another note, Toby Turner has said in his daily vlogs that he doesn't mind people making gifs of him, and posters etc. The reason being is that he does not have time to give written permission to people all over the world.. He is an internet celebrity. I just wish so badly I knew which video he said this in. He uploads a new video a day, and recently it was 3 a day for about a week. It was uploaded quite sometime ago.. and it would be next to impossible to find the video..
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i used this on my profile is that alright?
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i'm a bird motha f***er look at me motha f***er i'm a b-b-b-b-b (then techno music)
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I want to put think as my webcam on my profile, can I? ;O;
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Charizard: USE FLY!!

wtf?? u cant fly and u have wings D:
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TOBEH!! Can I be a bird wit chu? :meow:
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i wish i could be so funny like him :iconlazycryplz:
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BAHAHAHA I remember that <3

Toby: Audience? What am I doing on dA? Audience?
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Doo~doo~doo~doo~doo~doo~doo~doo~doo~SUBSCRIBE!!! XD
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Tony is sooo funny!
Audience... WOAH!!!
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Tony?! Its Toby.
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Ooops. Typo, sorry.
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Hahah Toby... I remember this vlog xD
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