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The Doctor's Name

By Chi-tenshi
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The Doctor's name.
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Id like to use this on to create a laptop skin. Do I have your permission? Its beautiful!
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I Think His Name Says It All, His Full Name Is Basil Johnathan Lobus Caecillus Foreman-Song.
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Hello , I would like to have this tattoo pattern , but tribal, is that someone could get the draw. thank you ^^ Sorry for my english^^
UltimateSonicFan675's avatar
What does it say I know it's his name BUT WAT IS HIS NAME O-O
dragontransformation's avatar
if only i could read gallifreyan
mechanicalanimal101's avatar
This is awesome!! Will definitely use!!!!
music-makes-us's avatar
I really love that Gallifreyan looks like this. It's pretty but totally incomprehensible.

Nice work, darling :)
VicodinFlavoredMints's avatar
Is it me, or does Gallifreyan look like alchemy circles to anybody else?
jessamynion's avatar
not quite. alchemy circles usually have stars in them. idk y though...
VicodinFlavoredMints's avatar
Yeah that's true. I'm not sure either.
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This is awesome :iconlaaplz::iconawesomeawesomeplz:
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"That's because it's Gallifreyan; it doesn't translate."
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This beautiful work will be new favorite wallpaper :heart:
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May I use this on my facebook Doctor who page please? I would of course credit you
you can find it here: [link]
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This will sound stupid but... Is that really his name?
Also does it translate to English? Or has that not been done yet?
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Basically... we won't know until the very last episode... or so the rumor goes. It's a very real possibility that it's River Song's (Melody Pond's) name... but nothing's confirmed yet. D:
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This looks great. Adding it to my A.P.O.D. desktop wallpaper collection.
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This is fantastic! I love the starry, galaxy-esque background with the glowing letters (if we can rightly call them that) of the Doctor's name. Simply fantastic!
EverlastingDarkness5's avatar
Oh how unfair is this!? >-< Translation is necessary
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XD nice job though im already useing it
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