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Have great tutorial that you want to show off to help others? Or need a great tutorial yourself to make your characters shine across the battlefield? Then check out the description for more information.
Read on yonder for the greatest tutorials from this side of the kingdom.

1. World Building Given By: starrsilver
2. Odyssey Podcasts
3. Looking/Eye Words
4. Sentence Unity
5. The Bookshelf Muse
6. Writers Knowledge Base
7. NaNoWriMo Resources
8. KM Weiland
9. A Writers CheatSheet
10. 100 Things to Know About Your OC
11. Showing VS Telling

DA Links:
-World Building & Creature Tips:
1. Worldbuilding Given by Lady-Shade

1. Writing Emotions
2. Dialogue Given by dailenna
3. Internal Conflict

1. The Umbrella Tut Given by: EHB

-Writing in General:
1. Writing Chapters Given by DaGrblz
2. How to Write a Story Given by: inu-pup
3. Shakespearean Sonnets Given by: song-of-memory
4. Guide to Writing Given by storm-rao
5. Tips for Creative Writing Given by forbiddenhero
6. (Not) Original Ideas Given by edelricrules
7. Tips for Writing Writers
8. Rules of Writing Given by Darkflametailz

1. Character Profile Outline Given by: KittyFelone
2. World Building Formula Given by Start-Writing-Club
3. Creating Characters Given by AutumnsBandit
4. Character Creation Given by illuminara
5. What if...
6. Superhero Creation Form
7.Fantasy Creation Form

-Prompts and other Resources:
1. Fantasy Prompts
2. 8 Ways to help you write without writing

Recommended(Free) Programs
1. YWriter
2. Sonar3
3. yEdit2
4. Storybook
5. Page Four Given by Killerxtomato
6. Ommwriter Given by darkstarsfire

Recommended Educational Videos:
-For High-Fantasy Writers:
  1. How to Throw a Medieval Pot
  2. How to Make a Quill Pen
  3. Medieval Dance Tunes; The Hurdy Gurdy
  4. Wattle and Daub
  5. Making Manuscripts

-For Victorian/Steampunk:
  1. I Didn't Know That - Airships

Edit: A little update, I went through an deleted all the broken links. If yours was deleted and you want it back up, please let me know and give me the link. //end edit

The Story:
I wanted to create a guide which anyone can add to. It can have tips, formats, or really anything to help people write. All help will be mentioned here, which will probably direct more people to your page.
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Thank you for the comprehensive list of resources. Have you considered adding things by OokamiKasumi?
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SubtlyDefiantHobbyist Writer
Oh wow! This is super helpful and there are some really great resources here! Thanks so much for taking the time to make this available for everyone. I, and I'm sure a lot of others, really appreciate it.
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Cheyanne-AuthorHobbyist Writer
You are very welcome! I hope it helps!
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NeonKalixy Digital Artist
It seems that all the links that say "PDF Worksheet" were removed from their websites- Just to let you know. But despite that, I'm very glad you came up with this list, these links gave me amazing tips and great advice. Thank you for putting this together! C:
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Cheyanne-AuthorHobbyist Writer
Thanks for letting me know! I'll fix those right away. :) I believe they were made for nanowrimo, so they might have been removed once it was done.

You're very welcome! I'm glad you liked it and I hope it helped!
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theLocustEaterProfessional General Artist
Great list and already am recommending it to people :) Good work!
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Cheyanne-AuthorHobbyist Writer
Thanks! Glad I could help! :)
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Ask-Older-FinnHobbyist General Artist
If you are still reading on this Yumiko, I have a tip I'd like to add
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Cheyanne-AuthorHobbyist Writer
Sorry, I have been really busy so have not had any time to reply. If you have a tip, I will gladly add it.
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Ask-Older-FinnHobbyist General Artist
Oh no it's totally fine (been that way myself for a while). I'll put together my tip in better format and send it to you :)
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MagicalPictureMakerHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :hug: :love:

I'm so happy with all those links, all of them are so useful! So thank you!! :hug:
Cheyanne-Author's avatar
Cheyanne-AuthorHobbyist Writer
: ) You're very welcome!
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ShadowMaker-241Hobbyist Writer
LibreOffice is a free writing program.
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KaguyaTsukiHimeStudent Digital Artist
the character creation link is no show.
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Cheyanne-AuthorHobbyist Writer
Ah right, I probably should have thought about that. Haha this was done in 2009, so I should have expected the links to change since then. My bad!

Sorry about that, and I'll try to find it again. :)
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KaguyaTsukiHimeStudent Digital Artist
np o3o since you posted a link for storybook 4...do you use it...I'm kinda lost on sometinh >.<
Cheyanne-Author's avatar
Cheyanne-AuthorHobbyist Writer
Uhhh I'm not sure, I can't really remember(it's been a few years). Really, really, sorry! There might be a video on YouTube? It would probably be more help then me. If you still want me to help though, next time I'm on my computer I can download it again and try it out.

If you're looking for a program though, yWriter is great. :) it was actually made by a writer, so it has a lot of what a writer would need.
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KaguyaTsukiHimeStudent Digital Artist
I tried looking on youtube but no dice ><
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Cheyanne-AuthorHobbyist Writer
:D I found some tutorials!

PDF Version: [link]

Online Version:
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KaguyaTsukiHimeStudent Digital Artist
orz||| that doesn't tell me how to use the attributes tab or tells me why the attributes I add keep disappearing
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Cheyanne-AuthorHobbyist Writer
....no, I guess it wouldn't. Do I get points for trying? XD
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silentwrit3rStudent Artist
can't wait to start reading this
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9,10, and 11 on the offsite links show up as nothing.
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