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It's been a year.

A lot has happened this year.

Anyways, I might start posting again. And I will tell you that my art will be 200% better.

There will be a lot of kpop. You have been warned.
So I'm taking requests!


-Shoot me a comment on my "requests" folder. The finished piece of artwork will be free of charge but posted on DA only.
-OC's are allowed. Please provide a description.
-Please limit the fanarts to Harry Potter, PJO and HoO, and Disney. I may expand my boundaries later, but I'm a pretty limited person (soooory xD)
-The artwork will be a pen and pencil sketch without color unless requested. Please note that my scanner is terrible, but I'll do my best.
-Please note that this is all in fun. I may submit several versions of a single request.
-Also, please be patient with me. I don't always have that much time to sketch.

You may have noticed my style seems to mimic viria and burdge's.

That's because I am absolutely in love with them. They helped inspire me to share my art and they helped me draw better.

Please don't hate on me because of this. I hope that someday I may branch off into my own style, but for the time being, I still reference them for figures and faces.

I think I have some differences in style, such as freer lines, but I am heavily influenced.

All my art ideas are my own unless credited!
What is this supposed to be about, anyways?

I'm going to pretend I know what's going on...

Anyways, expect a load of updates. I'm working on a project for my Harry Potter art these days, and I'm kind of excited!