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Hey there! I don't really post my art here anymore, but I am still active on Tumblr and Twitter!

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hey do you have a toyhouse by any chance? just curious

Hey, I can't find Broadway duskkies art rn and I would like to draw fanart, may I have some art of the boi?

howdy! I'm afraid they're no longer under my possession ;w; sorry! I traded them away a long while ago

It's okie! Glad u replied doe :D

hi, uh, I have a question for you...

I've spent the past 3 hours trying to find something from my past... a channel, and all the sings i found led me to this place, so i wanted to ask you... Did you used to own a youtube channel known as "RioluToLucarioVideos"? if so, it has probably been years since you've heard that name... but that name has been tossing around in my mind since i was... i found that channel randomly, one day in late 2012-2013 i believe (Cant recall the year). the channel was funny, and very entertaining to me at the time, and i would even tune in once a week to see all the uploads, until eventually i forgot about the channel. I spent another few years, till the name came up in my mind as i saw a video that drew a memory out, and then my search began. It was by this time, the user had deleted their channel, (and or renamed it) which left me with almost nothing. After a while, (maybe a few months) i found a youtube channel which appeared to be the original owner, as they described their reasons for deleting their content. At that time, I was sad, but content, and i left it be. Turn to 2019, today, actually, i was listening to a panic at the disco song, and it reminded me of a video they had made, so i began the same search. This time, it led me here... I dont know if you are the original user or not, but if you are, i really, really wanted to thank you for making my childhood brighter every week. In my mind, your channel was almost as good as the pokemon anime, and it made me happy at the time. Over all, i have three things i wish to end this off on... 1.) If you are RTLV, thank you. 2.) I wanted to apologize for this wall of text. 3.) If you do have another youtube channel, be it just for your art, or anything, i would love to be a sub, just for the memories of my past if anything.

anyways, have a wonderful night/day, and again, im really sorry for the long block wall of text.

ooooh my gosh! yes, RTLV was me, maaan just saying that takes me back! honestly reading your comment almost made me tear up, you have no idea how amazing it is to hear that people still remember that channel and were impacted by it. Honestly thank YOU so much for leaving this comment! never in a thousand years would i have thought my silly little pokemon figure skits would entertain people so much, let alone make a memory of me yeaaaars later after i had deleted the channel. this really made my day, I really appreciate you coming all this way to find me again!

the channel is empty currently, but I'm hoping in the future to make videos so if you'd like here it is! <3…