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DJ sona 10

after a few days of procrastination, I finally got around to finishing this.

Prints are now available for this painting.
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HPawesome77's avatar
She reminds me of Hutsane Miku!
Chewiebaka's avatar
yes, I love the hair :)
CabooseTheReclaimer's avatar
What universe is she from 
Chewiebaka's avatar
league of legends
SamuraiShinai's avatar
You did her justice... FIELDS OF JUSTICE !!
Rae-Lynn's avatar
Do you sell prints of your work? I would love to buy a copy of this.
Chewiebaka's avatar
if enough wants to buy prints, I can make them available.
Rae-Lynn's avatar
Please let me know if you do. We have a small collection of LoL art and I'd love to add this to it.
Chewiebaka's avatar
i made this available in prints
angeltoms's avatar
This is so awesome!
theblairewitch's avatar
This should have been the splash art, dayum.
LonelyChris25's avatar
I like what you did with her mask :) and congrats on the riot dj sona fan arts! 
Chewiebaka's avatar
glad you noticed it too! :D and ty
CNreal's avatar
Wow, it looks so real! The shading is beautiful. Despite how her official look has her wearing masks, I like her eyes show through on this piece.
jonadiah's avatar
Awesome work!
I want this skin, but at the same time, I've already got a Sona skin (arcade)
Chewiebaka's avatar
i got 2 sona skin and i dont even play sona that often as a support; so I didnt buy it either :p . I dont like sona in the current meta because she's just so squishy :c
jonadiah's avatar
But the poke!
She can poke like nobodies business!
Chewiebaka's avatar
ya, but get something that can jump on her and she dies pretty fast though :o
WanderlustGFX's avatar
Love your drawing style!
PhilyDips's avatar
I saw this posted on LoH! Man, I love the detail, and you even included her eyes
Chewiebaka's avatar
haha glad you noticed that :D you are 1 of 3 people mentioned that!
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