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What is Vector Art?
In digital art there are two layer formats: raster and vector. Raster formats are based in pixels and vector is based in paths and points.

When you resize a raster image, you are expanding the pixels. Your program has to try to estimate what the colours would be for the additional pixels created. Due to this, the image loses it's clarity and creates a pixel effect.

When you resize a vector image, you are increasing the distance between the points. Due to this, the image doesn't lose it's clarity and doesn't pixellate.

The key element of vector is that it's infinitely scalable without any quality loss and it's why we love it!

What is Project Educate?
Project Educate is a Community Relations ran series of events which focus individually on each of the galleries of deviantART. It is exists to help give further exposure to the galleries concerned, help educate those in new mediums/genres and host events surrounding those galleries for those who are already part of the galleries.

Vector Week will be running 16th to 22nd of January 2011 with a series of events, articles and contests for those wanting to know more about vector and those who are already part of our scalable community.

The Week's Events...

Sunday 16th January 2011
:bulletpink: Evolution of Vector - Contest starts :eager:
:bulletpink: Vector Trivia event hosted by the vector group vector-artists.
Winners: 1st Place - YasminaCreates 2nd Place - ssst 3rd Place - BryanKun! Congrats :woohoo:

Monday 17th January 2011
:bulletpink: Featured chat with web/graphics designer Ryan Putnam aka RypeArts aka the owner of
:bulletpink: News: Project Educate: Getting into Vector
:bulletpink: News: Project Educate: Ryan Putnam featured chat log

Tuesday 18th January 2011
:bulletpink: News: PE: Golden Pen Awards: Abstract
:bulletpink: News: PE: Golden Pen Awards: Animal
:bulletpink: News: Project Educate: The Vector COMMUNITY!

Wednesday 19th January 2011
:bulletpink: Featured chat with internationally respected illustrator Cristiano Siqueira aka CrisVector. The event will be taking place in #CommunityRelations
:bulletpink: News: PE: Golden Pen Awards: Objects
:bulletpink: News: Project Educate: Vector Art, Technically Speaking
:bulletpink: News: PE: Golden Pen Awards: People

Thursday 20th January 2011
:bulletpink: Chat event: VectorORGY with ssst thanks to vexelove #vexelove's chatroom!
:bulletpink: News: Project Educate: CrisVector featured chat log
:bulletpink: News: Project Educate: The 100% Vector Rule
:bulletpink: News: Project Educate: Exposure and the Vector Community

Friday 21st January 2011
Deviant Submitted News for Vector Week!
:bulletpink: News: Project Educate: Introducing Inkscape - written by BDT466
:bulletpink: News: Featured Group: #AI-Resources - written by FantasyStock
:bulletpink: News: SPOTLIGHT FEATURE 7: VECTOR ARTISTS - written by jcroxas
:bulletpink: News: PE: Golden Pen Awards: Scenes

Saturday 22nd January 2011
:bulletpink: News: PE: Golden Pen Award: Vehicles
:bulletpink: News: Project Educate: Other Vector Galleries on dA

Please note, this journal will be updated during vector week to include links to articles and events!

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FantasyStock's avatar
I didn't realize why I kept getting Despicable Me references this past week while searching for vector stuff until I saw this: [link] He's even wearing the AI colors; I suddenly feel like I'm wise to an inside joke that mainly just vector artists would know. LOL!
Innerclick's avatar
Vector the only way to ride.
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BryanKun's avatar
Awesome trivia we had today! Learned a lot about vector and its categories. And I won a prize, even better! :iconfingerdanceplz:
ChewedKandi's avatar
Glad you've learnt something at the event :D

Congrats on winning a prize \o/
BryanKun's avatar
Thanks a lot!! :nod:
BDT466's avatar

unfortunately I slept in and missed it :(
BryanKun's avatar
That's sad D:

Did not know that the timezone in Australia was THAT different :C Here in Brazil the chat was at 8PM xD
BDT466's avatar
well Australia is GMT 10+ and an extra hour for daylight savings and it brings the time to 9am, but I was a tad naughty and was awake till 4-5 in the morning fiddling so I slept in. So it's all my fault, but it still sucks :(, but it's good to know that it was a success regardless of my participation :D
BryanKun's avatar
I'm sure there are be a lot of nice stuff upcoming, hope we can get them :D
DeviantJC's avatar
f%ck, missed the trivia -__-
ChewedKandi's avatar
D'awwww :cry:

There's a featured chat tonight though :eager:
BDT466's avatar
OMG, I have to get up at app 6-8 in the morning for the chat with crisvector

and 8 o'clock for the trivia thing

sleeping in fail
ChewedKandi's avatar
It will be SO worth it though :D
BDT466's avatar
most definitely :D
jcroxas's avatar
hurray! goodluck Sharms! :love:
ChewedKandi's avatar
Thank you :hug:

Hope you can attend some of the events :D
jcroxas's avatar
i am also hoping Sharms. this week is already our exam week :( but i will really do my best, maybe take part in a contest? :D
ChewedKandi's avatar
Awesome! I look forward to your entry if you enter :D
jcroxas's avatar
i still haven't read the details yet. but i will later ;D
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