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Vector Art Tutorial

By ChewedKandi
In the style of a vector art piece but based on pixel layers.
Made in Paintshop Pro 7.04

I had so many people asking me how I made my graphics, that I did a step by step tutorial on how to do this graphic. Since then, I have changed many aspects of how I make my graphics.

If you are interested in doing the tutorial go to [link] - I would be interested in seeing results to it :)

Subject: Keira Knightly
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© 2005 - 2021 ChewedKandi
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Leuthile's avatar
the tutorial is obviously no longer online :(
d0gma13's avatar
alnastra's avatar
Can someone please link me the original tutorial? Because the link doesn't work (duh) and it isn't in your gallery or your site as far as I can tell. Great pic by the way! :)
triangulated's avatar
you probably know already, hate to state the obvious, but the link died :(
lucadrina's avatar
Wow, I've been looking for this for a few months and totally just stumbled on it by accident! I used this tutorial for my very first vector, three years ago. LOL At the time I thought it was great, but now... hahaha

Anyway, thanks a lot for this tutorial, it really helped me out back then. Wouldn't have gotten where I am now without it (even though I'm still very much an amateur) Thank you!
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Ohh, the link is broken...
Mr-Magic's avatar
Impressive hair! ;)
drailed's avatar
:( The link isn't working. Please fix :)
ppgrainbow's avatar
Pretty hairstyle and face! I love the red lips too. ;p
cemeterykitten's avatar
Hi, my first vector was actually that Keira one =) remember you had tutorials on vectors on your website? I made one like that to try the whole vector thing =) mine sucks lol!
bilalkarim's avatar
Might as well use this tutorial too. :)
MsCucumber's avatar
I remember when I first attempted a vector, and I used your tutorial. I was dumb, I couldnt work out where the rest of the tutorial was and only done the face o_O :P
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