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Vector Art Meme - completed

My completed Vector Art Meme :D

You can download the original here:

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I'm confused, what IS Vector art?
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You can find out all about vector art from this article: [link] :D
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Oohh, fun!!! Thanks for sharing! :D
ChewedKandi's avatar
Are you gonna do one? :P
BDT466's avatar
Oh wow, this is just shows how talented you are! Even your first one is amazing but you have grown so much since then aswell. Can I has some talent? :iconpussinbootsplz: :P
ChewedKandi's avatar
:giggle: my first vector is only so good cos I'm an ex vexel artist :P
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different tools and different methods so that hardly applies and you can't 'make' creativity, you can only refine the output :)
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This is so cool xD I would try this, but I don't have enough vector art to do it yet unless I include the horrible (ugly, ugly) stuff I did in high school xD I couldn't even get the pen tool to curve back then. Vector was my worst enemy in Computer Graphics class x3
ChewedKandi's avatar
I think you should give it a go, if only to show how far you've came and to show other people what vector is :D
Canvasian's avatar
Hmmm... Awrkays x3 when I finish my current work in progressI will give this a shot
Zhaana's avatar
Love your meme !! I will try it !
ChewedKandi's avatar
Awesome - I can't wait :eager:
ChewedKandi's avatar
Are you gonna try it? :D
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