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May 26, 2010
Suggester said: "Tutti Frutti by `ChewedKandi is a beautiful summer start. Quirky, fun and colorful. The details are amazing and the technique is practically flawless. `ChewedKandi can be categorized as one of them vector veteran's, and if you go through her gallery, you'll see the progress she's made over the years. Tutti Frutti shows a new turn for her, and it's an amazing step forward."
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Tutti Frutti

Original version

Check out the dulled version:

Well... this has been a proper mission and a half. Initially started out as me playing around with options in photoshop, I know very little of it. I started making the eyes bigger and changing the face shape... after that, I kinda thought... yeah that would look good in vector.

The initial inspiration was Minnie Mouse when I was trying to think what to do with the hair. I thought of adding two buns on the sides of her head and realised if I made them round, it would look like her. Then it kinda turned into a bit of a Lady Gaga inspired concept and then it kinda turned into a Glee (Mrs Pillsbury played by Jayma Mays).

It's also a bit of a salute to my smexy friend ~Toolkit04 who loves a girl in glasses :hug:

I wanted to make it a colourful piece, I'm trying so hard to be more colourful - what do you guys think of the colours? :D

Stock used:

by the fantastic *NikxStock

Brushes used:

Patterns used: AI CS5 default vector patterns

100% vector baby... using a lot of techniques including and not limited to gradients, solid colour, blends, clipping masks, patterns, zig zag effect

HUGE thanks to "teh girls" for your constant support :hug: =ssst ^brgtt ^pica-ae :hug:

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This is a really pleasing image to look at, and it was a lovely, sunshine aesthetic to go along with it. The colors go along nicely with each other, which is rare in a picture that has a lot of variation in color, especially portraits. You were able to accomplish this and for that I applaud you. I also like the hairstyle, and the texture it has. The little stray hairs that are barely noticeable makes the picture much more lifelike in full view, as well as her lips and eyes. The gradient in the background, shirt, and glasses actually doesn't look too bad, I've found that when people use gradient, it can make them seem lazy regarding shading and backgrounds, but it doesn't look like that here. You mentioned you wanted to change the head shape, and I don't think that's needed. The feel I get this from this piece is "quirky" and while the shape of the head isn't the most complimenting, it adds a lot more personality to the girl. <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" title="Clap"/>
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Very cool Sharon, your attention to detail is amazing as always
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wow amazing detail!
love this one!

join my new group #vectoraddicted [link]

thankyou :D
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My pleasure :)
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I can't believe this is a vector - AMAZING WORK - The hair is stunning and the whole vibe of the piece is fantastic. I love the mix of modern with the glasses and the old (kinda looks like a religious icon) Well Done
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Wow!! it's so detail!! Love this color ^^ FAV
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This is amazing. I adore it.
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Your work has been featured in my
Favourite Faves of 2010!
Happy New Year!! :tighthug:
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D'awwww you're too nice :D
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a whop bop a loopie
a whop bam boom
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Congrats, Shar! This is a very interesting piece. You stepped out of your comfort zone and did something very creative! I am so proud of you! The lips are definitely HOT! :love:
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Thank you :D

My 6th DD :omg:
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