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The Hunter

Getting sick of vectors of Sam yet? :giggle:

As per, loads of WIPs in my scraps with this one and with some notes for those who want to learn how to vector fur/animals :) - I hope they are of use.

This is based on a photo I took of Sam which can be found here.

Named the hunter after her month of carnage: 15 kills in the past month. She's only ninja of a cat!

This one is a definate for me to get printed out for the wall :D :woohoo:

[link] <---- Wallpaper version :)
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One of my cat looks like this! It's a famale too.
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aweww fakkk....
love this cat
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:giggle: thats my Sammy!
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your sammy is handsome~*+
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this is so beautiful! (L)
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Not as beautiful as my kitty hehe
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i mean your job is beautiful.. hahaha
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If I could, I'd marry that sexy beast :p Well she's a girl right? haha
ChewedKandi's avatar
Haha she's a girl... she's also a cat :P haha
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So! I'd rather give my heart to a cat who can only hurt me by destroying some of my items :p :p
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now sam's dinging to another level of hunter, zzz
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I really like how you used the black background! Looks great!
I do think the whiskers could be a little less harsh/sharp, maybe by changing the opacity?
And I don't mind another Sam vector! More please! :nod:
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I've uploaded a new version with a more blue/grey pale colour for the whiskers - is this better?
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yes, looks great! :aww:
ChewedKandi's avatar
Thank you for the advice :hug:

I hope she looks purrfect now :giggle:

Ok - slap me... that was terrible >_<
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I see what you mean with the whiskers... I did try them with a different opacity... just gonna try a different colour to see if it's any better :)

Sam vectors rock :D :woohoo: glad you dig em :D
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