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Murder Scene



I have been obsessed in this vector... I even ended up going into work on Friday like a zombie after 2 hours sleep due to vectoring my ass off.

Anyway, moving on...

I recently posted a blog asking for requests from my devwatchers... in the hope I'd get some inspiration and give my watchers something they might like to see.

I got a request from the wonderful ~artemisa-69 :

I'd love to see some bloody/macabre/gore vector, mixed with glamour and sexyness I'm sure you would handle it fantastically...!

Although I haven't filled the brief completely (with it only being a little bit blood), I feel as if I have created a dark vector.

I also used this as a challenge to myself to do more complex shadows and shading.

I used the following stock/resources:

And of course, 100% vector, no meshes or blends used there... all solid shapes, gradients and my own vector brushes used.

Thank you guys for the feedback on my WIP "thread" deviation [link]

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When I first saw this I thought it was a very fine graphite drawing. Now that I understand that it is vectors I am doubly impress. I made my living for a few years as an illustrator for a newspaper working primarily in Illustrator.

I find the expression to be strong and chilling. The composition is forceful and strong.

You gradations appear very smooth which are even more impressive because you limited yourself to grayscale.

I am also impressed with the implied texture of the hair.

I feel your use of space speaks well of your understanding of the psychology of the image.

The craftsmanship you have brought to this image is exquisite.