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By ChewedKandi
Sam had to be included in this text art thing some how :giggle:

Ok, if I'm honest, I think so far this is the one that I feel is in the style of me... as in it's similar to what I usually do and feels more original to me than a standard style that I've done with the first two attempts at this text art lark.

I'm so proud I could include Sam in this :giggle:

I've been working my ass off all afternoon and evening on it to try and make it look right and I do hope it has paid off.

It certainly gives me ideas of future text art pieces.

And of course... 100% vector :woohoo:

Critisms highly appreciated guys :)
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Very interesting idea!!! Inspiring! Good work :)
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This is just so awesome. I loves it.
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wow this deviation has just made my day! It really shows by the amount of work you've put into this how personal this piece is to you.

I applaud you for the amazing attention to details as the last word that could have crossed my mind when seeing this would be 'vector'. It has a nice '3d' feel to it, which is a plus.

But, if I were to change one thing, I'd have the tail extend from the W instead of the M, as that would make more sense I suppose.

Outstanding work :clap:
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Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it :hug:

I wanted to balance the keyfeatures and thought having two letters together which had something on wouldn't look right... which was the decision of that. The fur colours are exact to my own cat also :)
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Yeah, I was wondering who 'Sam' was at first :P
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:giggle: yeah I'm kinda obsessed in my own cat :D
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If your cat inspires to do amazing artwork, bring it on! :P
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I love the idea and the result too :]
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Thanks for the feature :hug:
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you're very welcome :)
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Lol this is nice :D
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Wonderfully done :D Great concept too!
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And I don't even like cats :D

It sure does convey... fluffiness :D
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Thank you :D

If you saw a photo of my cat, you'd see how it all works into it :D
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It´s like living text :meow:
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Yuppers :D

It's my cat in text :giggle:
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