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High Voltage

I think I am back from my vexelling rut... I think I am.

I am experimenting more with gradients... this time playing with hair.

And it's called High Voltage because of a) the hair b) because the original [link] is of high contrast and c) it's a cool Linkin Park song <3

So this is a 7 hours straight vexel... and it's 4.37am now, so I am off to bed.

Stock: [link] from ~virgin-stock
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wowow i love vector
ppgrainbow's avatar
Awesome hairstyle! :wow: I love her pretty face too.
TarePandaLover's avatar
Wow, I love the hair! It's so pretty!
Dfoo's avatar
You have beautiful work, JUST THOUGHT I LET YOU KNOW!
Yellowmoon's avatar
fuck thats good, great dimension wiht the hair.
supremextreme's avatar
yes! it's a gorgeous piece. great work!
virgin-stock's avatar
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Gradients definately bring the hair to life in this.
kinzaka's avatar
aah, man... nice job!
ScorchedFreak's avatar
Nice job! Definitely a :+fav:
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Yay...linkin park is my favorite band! :)
Reza-ilyasa's avatar
i love it man... you live up the artwork, with your color...!
LosingBalance's avatar
way cool - i love it
bikle's avatar
the hair is simply stunning :faint:
hologlyphic's avatar
wonderful work! i love the eyes, it really shows-- your dedication to detail.
lemme ask you a question (i'm doing a mini-survey of my admired vector artists), when you're drawing, what do you think about? is it like meditation, is your mind blank, are you concentrating on the details of the art, or are you listening to music? what's going through your mind?
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LOL aww thank you for the compliment - although I am not a vector artist... I use raster layers and not vector layers.

I will answer your question if you still want me to... I tend to listen to music and constantly think of titles for the piece I am working on. I find it really relaxing to just go with the music when I am working.
hologlyphic's avatar
sorry! yes, vexel.. :)
thank you for answering. i think that's cool, listening to tunes really helps bring out the unconscious intentions, i believe.
and whatever music you're listening to must be really good, because your work is hella cool.. i don't think i've ever seen a bad piece from you :)
ChewedKandi's avatar
Thank you - you're too nice!

Linkin Park is always the best thing to listen to - they are my favourite band :D
hologlyphic's avatar
yeah they're pretty good. u2 is my favorite band :) thanks for answering :smooch:
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great work :)

very nice work on her skin, and eyes they looke amazing, though her hair isnt as good as wat you normaly do, but the gradents look nice
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I know, I was just practicing with new technics on doing this and that. I actually did the eyes different to what I usually do. Just trying to find other ways of doing vexels.
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