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Dita Von Tripp

Right so I've learnt textures and putting them into practice, now it was the turn of blends and putting them into practice.

95% of the skin shading is done with vector blending... and ofc the hair is vector blending.

Anyway... the portrait is of Dita Von Teese, who has to be one of my biggest idols... I think she's amazing. So I had to vector her sooner of later ;)

Outlines: [link]
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UluvM3andIluvU's avatar
I love this, and I love that you used a different style.

The way you vector hair normally is absolutely flawless, but I like the change in this one, and I think it suits the piece.

I recently started vectoring after a billion-year hiatus, and I'm finding it hard to break from my usual style. *sigh* Any tips?
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I'm glad you appreciate the style change in this, thank you :hug:

Think with me when I try out a new style, it's inspired by learning a new technique or tool. So my tip would be to learn something new in yoru vectoring program and then think of how you could use that in a new vector :)
UluvM3andIluvU's avatar
Thanks for the tip! I'll be trying it out soon. :dance:
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ohh she is so beautiful!!!
Flirty mouche :love:
rmda's avatar
Love the hair! :)
ChewedKandi's avatar
Thank you - just standard vector blending :hug:
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Hi! Your deviation is featured in our news article!
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Ikue's avatar
that hair is stellar man!
ChewedKandi's avatar
Yeyyy someone who actually likes the hair!

I really like it, others don't seem to... it's all good :D
phig's avatar
blend rules!
fabulosity's avatar
Sewwy's avatar
This came out wicked amazing, girliepants. Seriously. :|
ChewedKandi's avatar
Seriously? Girliepants? :|
Sewwy's avatar
.. ... ... I tried, okay?

I blame Uni. It's numbing my creativity towards nicknames.
Mirabel's avatar
I remember way back you said you wanted to vector her.

(Psst, what's vector blending?)
ChewedKandi's avatar
I think a pending tutorial me thinks ;)
ChewedKandi's avatar
Thought you might like that :P

But I'm not gonna talk... at all.
Mirabel's avatar
What about the kitty? Will he be in it?
ChewedKandi's avatar
She :P

She might... I dunno.

She's on my lap getting loads of attention atm.

Anyway, I shall see if I can get a new video tutorial on blending up tonight - especially for you :P
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