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Blonde on Blue -- Vector Remix

As I talked about in a previous journal, I'm offering one of my vectors to be "remixed". That this means is that you can alter, add, remove parts of the vector to create your own version of Blonde of Blue.

Of course you may also use this to check out how I do hair if you've been following my tutorial.

Permission has been granted by *Katanaz-Stock for the original photo to be in this remix (included in the AI file as a reference).

Please respect their stock rules when doing this and send them a note *Katanaz-Stock as well as leaving me a comment once you have completed and posted the file remix.

I'd really like to see what is made with this so I can favourite it, comment and put into a remix collection.

Please note, that the hair may not show in it's correct format. To correct this, please download and install the following AI Brush:


Click download to access the Winrar file which contains the Adobe Illustrator file and a ReadMePlx.txt file reitterating conditions of use

========= Credits

Original vector: =ChewedKandi / [link]

Stock artist: *Katanaz-Stock

Actual stock image used: [link]

Hair tutorial: [link]

AI Brush: [link]
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thank you very much

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Brilliant Work Thanks for the tutorial!!!!!
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:D let me ask you, those brushes that you have to download, can they be used in cs3?
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I'm starting now with Illustrator, I'll definitely use you as a reference for my works... You're so inspiring! :blowkiss:
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D'awww you're too nice!
How did you do the face, it's not tracing is it?
Did you do it all "by hand" too?
ChewedKandi's avatar
I used a reference to help me yes, but I wouldn't necessarily say traced :)
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you use a digital table?
ChewedKandi's avatar
Yeah I do now... but this file was made without one :)
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simply amazing, getting that kind of detail and depth in the black of her face is awesome.
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Holy cow! That is awesome. :D
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Great job!! I love it!! Hair is awesome as always. And I especially love the color combination, really nice. :hug:
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Thank you Hels :hug:

You should download the file and remix it :D
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i wanna remix!
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awesome! thanks for this!
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