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I haven't done a vector for myself for a while, so thought I'd treat myself since I've had some time of recent.

I wanted to explore a photomanipulation technique I previously tried, morphing the eyes, lips and face to a more surreal sort of look... but I also wanted to do a portrait where the main focus was the eyes and to try out a new shading technique.

All this in one vector huh?

Stock used:

100% vector in AI CS5 :)

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I think this is very good work .. the eyes while surreal don't look overly so which is quite a trick to do!

Something to watch for: the eyelashes I think could do with a little work, maybe some thicker and thinner as if a couple of eyelashes clumped together, saying as her eyes look moist and dewey. I know the work is surreal portrait but the eyelashes are just a little too on the fake side of surreal to me, especially with such beautiful shading on the skin and detailed eyes.

Great Details:
* Great details on the eyelashes reflecting in her eyes and also the way you've extended them past the 'framing' of this piece.
* Iris details perfection yet again.
* Skin shading is beyond brilliant .. I couldn't spot what you were doing different in the live view I watched about 20 mins of. Can't wait till you teach us this new technique <img src="…" width="33" height="15" alt=":fingerscrossed:" title="I've got my fingers crossed."/>
* Great use of higlighting and lowlighting edges on her chin, lips and nose, really brings out the details.

Great work yet again Shar.
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oh my gosh this is so rad... especially after seeing the original photo...
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love the eyes ! :)
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did you use the brushes in illustrator?  I find it hard to smooth vectors.  Advice is nice (:
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I really like the white punch out with the hair, and the eyes look really good
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Leaps right out of the screen; awesome!
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Now this made me wanna learn vector. :3
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Well what are you waiting for!
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I dig the negative space on this.
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Thanks - I'm a fan of negative space :D
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The eye color is simply stunning. I love that it is the first thing your eye is drawn to because it's offset by all the white and subtle colors of the rest of the piece. :D
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I have a thing about big eyes :love:

Thank you :D
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You're welcome! ^^
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Omg this is insane. You rock my socks off...
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This is gorgeous! You are very talented!
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Really Amazing! :heart:
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very nice work, i hit the random deviant button :)
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