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Did I Step On Sumthing ?

By CheungKinMen
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Here's another piece, did that in 2 days :( , too slow just for this IMO. Anyways, I love the Hulk, he's my favorite Marvel Character. Why did I choose that kind of perspective ? well I wanted to do a perspective I've never done before. Mr. Hulk was supposed to be standing in a big glassy chunk of ice, but I got lazy and just drew him like if he was standing on Invicible Woman's Invisible force field floor... or something along those lines. By the birds on the sky you can tell he DID step on something. hehe.

I painted Hulk using photoshop, with a totally different technic than the one I used on "Lethal Enemies". And truth to be told, I like this "new" technic, but it's tedious, takes too much time, but what's the rush, right ?. I like it a thousand times more.

What do you guys think ? You like ? dislike ? what do I need to improve ? Good perspective ? Too much questions ? why ?
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q hulk mas tierno! se ve todo lindo <3
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uno de mis favoritos! genial!
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Pura life my friend :)
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Way nice angle man ! Keep it up, always !
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Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it, and thanks for the fave! :)
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haha mae no me habia dado cuenta que no habia dejado comments...
haha parece que hulk tomando el sol en la playa
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En realidad, esta en un desierto, y esta parado en tu monitor! haha
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yeah I like this style a lot! It does look like it would either take a LONG time to make or (if you had a real steady had) a short time.

What the hell is coming out of his shorts?
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Pieces of his torn apart short :P , couldn't figure out how to make them, so... :P
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Este me gusto un chingo, mi internet tuvo problemas al abrirlo pero ya se arreglo!
muy buen dibujo man!
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Gracias Esqueleto, te puedo decir asi ? haha. Gracias tambien por el fave :).
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Pinche nombre cagado la neta! debi haberme puesto de otra manera! llamame Alessandro o tambien Esqueleto no importa! y de nada!
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Muy bueno mae! Ahora quiero mas! ;)
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Haha, pura vida Mike. Voy a tratar de hacer mas para quitarme lo rusty que estaba, hace tiempo no dibujaba :S .
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woow this is great .... i love this pic.... sure it will go to my faves! ..... thanx for this pic ..... i love being that something!;-)
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Thanks for the comment man!. I appreciate it. :)
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jajajaja buenisimo men!
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Pura vidita Alfaro, que dicha que te gusto :) .
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This is an uncommon POV for the hulk but think about it...shouldnt we be looking up at him more often? I think you are right Johnny this upward angle should be more common for the hulk it only makes sense.
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Hehe, thanks for the words :P .
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