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Contest Entry: Zangief

So this was my first submission for the Street Fighter Tribute contest. Wanted to try something different, at the same time I was trying to practice a bit more on my brushes (photoshop brushes).

I chose Zangief because I thought he wans't popular, turns out he (and Blanka) got lots of loving from the fans, lol, it was obvious.

So hope you like it.

Copyrights to Capcom.
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I like it. But I would hide the lines or make them more visible.
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Well, that is the style I was going for.
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I like the screens of hulk in the monitors behind him.. Is it a fight between them?
CheungKinMen's avatar
haha, you noticed. It is indeed a fight between them, but since it was for the street fighter book I didn't want to make it so obvious, haha.
marvelleftw's avatar
No worries it's well concealed, I have an eye for detail ;P
SikWidInk's avatar
aww man im just in *flashback-mode... way wicke3d, just diggn it completely as you know ya character-form is wicked *to me, *(i dont know if anyone else thinks it, but if they dont they're BANANAS), lol... coollio :thumbsup:
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haha, thanks for the kind word man :)
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:headbang: respect is always due...
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Very cool! Go Zangief!
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thanks for the comment and the fave :)
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You're very welcome!
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QUE PODER AMIGO!!! demasiado bueno las texturas y los brillos, mae con que acompañaste diseño de personajes? este cuatri
CheungKinMen's avatar
Pura vida papa, y es un cuento chino mae, pero despues como de 4 clases no volvi :( . Muchos asuntos personales que atender primero. Ahi despues te cuento, hehe. Tuanis por el comentario.
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Thanks man, I appreciate the comment.
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Demasiado bueno
CheungKinMen's avatar
Tuanis mae :) *besitos* haha
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Aha Sweet!
I like his expression!
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paneseeker's avatar
nice!! awesome!
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dIeGoHc's avatar
mae queeeee esta INCREIBLE me encanta! en general el mood y los colores que le diste se sienten muy bien! las manos y las botas se ven muy bien! lo unico que te voy a criticar es las lineas o contornos que marcan los musculos en los brazos, como que cortan mucho la figura! pero mae de verdad que le pusiste ganas! que mal que no quedo pero mae excelente... ya quiero ver el de blanka!!

(que bueno el detalle de tus trabajos anteriores en las pantallas) jaja
CheungKinMen's avatar
mae pura vida, si las lineas esas como que no van mucho con ese tipo de pintado mas bien tenia que disfrazarlo mas y pintarlo como con los mismos colores de la piel pero bueno. Pura vida mae por notar los otros trabajillos, haha.
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