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Godzillas VS Ghidorahs, Final war in capital.
Digital in Photoshop CS5.
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ghidorah species and godzilla species war males and females of each species fighting

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Brutal but Intriguing since when we first met Ghidorah it took Rodan Mothra and Godzilla just to Defeat him so this might have been the outcome if Godzilla was fighting him one on one
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The Godzillas would ruin
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This..... this as to happen in the monsterverse!!!!
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From what we know it might happen.
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email me this. lemme know if you want my email. this is a sign of my wordless amazement
numbuh2's avatar me this...lemme know if you want to!!! thats sign of wordless amazement
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Damn, dude that is intense and visually awesome.
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What are those tanks even DOING? RUN TANKS!
Holy! it's awesome!!
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Godzillas vs kings guidoras
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Sorry for bad spelling
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Still wouldnt be the worst thing that happened in Tienanmen square......
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...Impressive....Most Impressive! :)
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D:  OMG, Godzilla NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Looks awesome though. Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:
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My thoughts exactly XD
I think you might have went a little too far with this one. 
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dude, that is frikin awesome!
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DAMN. That is brutal.
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