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Study of JP1 Velociraptor Head

Oil on Cardbroad
16.5 X 21 cm
3hour 30mins
Image details
Image size
2445x1824px 1.64 MB
iPhone 4
Shutter Speed
1/25 second
Focal Length
4 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Feb 28, 2013 9:15:25 AM +08:00
© 2013 - 2022 cheungchungtat
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Jewel-Star's avatar
I love Jurassic velociraptors, even though they look nothing like the realistic one :(
Weren't they originally supposed to be deinonychus?
MisterBug's avatar
RiderofSaintBernards's avatar
This is just excellent. I see I have a lot of practice to do, haha.
TheGurch's avatar
stunning work as always
demonlovers's avatar
ChaoticClaire's avatar
My favourite! Very well done :D
TerranTechnocrat's avatar
Velociraptors don't look like that! They're 3-4 feet tall and they're covered in feathers!
Pythonixx's avatar
It's the velociraptor from Jurassic Park.
TerranTechnocrat's avatar
They knew the Velociraptor looked like when JP came out and they still did it like that!
You do realize that InGen cut corners when cloning the dinosaurs, right?
TerranTechnocrat's avatar
No. They cloned them exact. The Dylophosaurus (Or whatever it's name was) was the one that had genetic troubles while cloning.
That's quite true. Dylophosaurus is quite different than the frill lizard on steroids that it was in the movie.
Pythonixx's avatar
I know, but movies don't like to be accurate.
Darknarak's avatar
Great job. Love raptors
SpinoJP's avatar
Looks like a picture!! Really cool work! :)
herofan135's avatar
So awesome, your painting just filled me with nostalgia. This is the movie that got me interested in dinosaurs as a child. Raptors are still some of my favourite dinosaurs.
dio25's avatar
REALLY good job.
abekowalski's avatar
I love your JP art! All the JP fans do! Did you see you got featured as some of the Stan Winston School of Arts favorite fanartworks? [link]
cheungchungtat's avatar
Yup, I know this: )
WeHaveTheSameFace's avatar
Oh my, I love this also.
nekokittysweets's avatar
i;m speechless right now
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