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Europasaurus holgeri

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120cmX 80 cm, Oil on canvas.

Names of all depicted species:
Europasaurus holgeri
Velociraptorine dromaeosaurid

In the Late Jurassic, an isolated of Europasaurus is surrounded by predators, it tries to strengthen the momentum of the deterrent to offenders.
In this restoration, I try to reference the scute skin of the titanosauridae, covering a armor. And also enhanced the feather performance of dromaeosaurid more mature development.

Here is Working Process video:
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1/10 second
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40 mm
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Date Taken
Mar 1, 2011, 1:58:08 AM
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Really like the spiky skin!
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It's funny and scary, Europasaurus is so small, it has to fight with small raptors. Sauropods like Puertasaurus or even middle ones like Saltasaurus and Camarasaurus probably had a hard time even seeing those little guys. "Did I tread on something? Hmm probably not!"
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VERY GOOD JOB!!!:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
EliTheDinoGuy's avatar
Nuthetes vs Europasaurus?
Weird-Duck's avatar
Amazing work! The perspective of the dromaeosaur on the left looks tricky as hell to pull off, but you've done it beautifully. :)
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This is Amazing...well done
i have an idea who would win (the europasaurus) ;)
HKnx's avatar
very cool very real!
SilverVulpine's avatar
garoselli16's avatar
its utahraptor vs astrodon all over again
thebastet's avatar
the detail and overall atmosphere is amazing!! :jawdrop:
ariel-orea's avatar
A2812's avatar
I watched a video on YouTube zankomicie congratulations to do - and how quickly :-)))))

A beautiful scene!!

Regards Jacek
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This is amazing! :wow:
Pinataka's avatar
Amazing! i'm your fan
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ksdinoboy95's avatar
I love this work most of all cheung boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Drachenvuur's avatar
That's incredible!!
Eomamenchisaurus's avatar
Great detail of the Europasaurus!
Auronyth's avatar
Love the scean, angle, action and details! Epic work! Love the armour and feather details. The atmospheric dust is also excellent.
Exepciona's avatar
I'm too shocked to actually express my shock. :faint:

First time in my life I go through 'Most Popular (24 h) - Traditional Art' and I find something -this- awesome, amazing, astonishing and *insert every other positive word starting with 'a'*, to find out it has only 88 favorites! :iconjawdrop:

I'm really sorry for the people missing such beautiful art as this one, and it's sad that I can do nothing more but :+fav: and :+devwatch: (seeing how most of the rest of your gallery leaves me speechless, as well), but if I ever become "popular" on dA, I swear I'm going to promote every single one of you guys that deserve it so much (as childish it may sound)! :(

I love every single part of this masterpiece - from the colors, to the details (especially on the Europasaurus) and the background. Even the perspective is awesome! :heart:
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I love the action in this pic, very friken cool!
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