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Cryolophosaurus ellioti

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Original finish in 2005.
艾氏冰脊龍 Cryolophosaurus ellioti
6 m, 350 kg
AGE: Early Jurassic, Sinemurian or Pliensbachian.
DISTRIBUTION AND FORMATION: Central Antarctica;Hanson.
HABITAT Polar forests with warm, daylight-dominated
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2195RazielimHobbyist Photographer
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guilmon182Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome. Kinda looks like he's yelling at the pterosaurs: "STOP LAUGHING AT MY CREST!!!"
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aDinoSupremacistStudent Digital Artist
Awesome piece, but there's something I noticed that I've been wondering about for a while. Media depicts dinos always roaring, but did they do that? I mean, just randomly roaring.
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Idk i always like to think of it as they are calling and seeing if they get a response wether it be from Friend or Mate or Prey.Basically a scanning thing but i could be wrong also sorry for the 7 year reply lol