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I made a small modification, based on the "DraftGozilla02" and done with color in here.
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I wanna ask you permission to turn this pic of yours into a PNG/render, I'lll give you all the credit for it.

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I remember when everyone was running around with this picture back in 2011/12 and probs 2013 way before the real design of LegendaryGoji was officialy revealed and saying "OmG GaWdZillEr dEsIGn 2012-2014 LEAKEDDd!d!!!111!!!1!!!" along with some other pics of your Godzilla work having the Legendary logo added on them just to make it seem like "official concept art" just to generate hype.Oh boy how these people were wrong.

Sad thing is I still see some people doing this kind of thing nowadays with the Monsterverse like using fan redesigns of dopepope or Photoshopping existing concept art from previous movies to make it seem "official".Some people never learn and don't know to wait or at least say it's fan or speculation art :/

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Looks really BRUTAL
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Good Allah, this was back when  the whole, "Feathered dino debate", was going on wasn't it?
Is a nice job! Clap 
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Whats with the damn feathers!? GODZILLA doesn't have feathers!
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some godzilla versions are dinosaurs. In that case the feathers would make sense
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No Godzilla designs have feathers, all Godzilla specimens start out as a Godzillasaurus, Godzillasaurus never had feathers, and so, Godzilla can't have feathers. 
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This design does... No godzilla design had a crocodile head before the legendary version and nobody seems to complain. It would only be logical for him to have feathers if his predecessor was a theropod.  You're acting as if godzilla is real, he is a fictional character.
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I think that Godzilla, even if a dinosaur, is too big to have feathers. I mean, IT'S HUGE! It also is nearly completely aquatic. Watching living animals, whales are both huge and aquatic, and they are nearly completely hairless (nearly, because even them HAVE SOME HAIR NEAR THE MOUTH). Now, Godzilla is even bigger than any whale, it's aquatic, and also absorbs radiations, so...
But I haven't got any problem with this design, I think it's very cool and original
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And it also depends on his origins. This godzilla may not have to be aquatic at all. Just depends on the origin given by the designer. And while godzilla is aquatic, no godzilla design other than legendary gave godzilla ANY aquatic feature at all.
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Why would size affect feathers? Your're comparing mammals to birds here. And penguins who are almost completely aquatic have not lost their feathers. Quite the opposite actually, they just became specialized for an aquatic life.
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That's true but they aren't as big as a skyscraper!!!! And also they don't absorb radiations. Also in every Godzilla movie Godzilla comes from the see
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Yes but again, even though they come from the sea, they don't have ANY aquatic features. And godzilla is a giant laser-shooting dinosaur that wrestles, how is he being feathered less realistic?
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This would look cool in movie
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It looks like it should belong in Evolve.
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Beautifully done. Maybe they looked like this younger.
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Some people might find them silly, but I kind of like the feathers.

And I can't stop looking at this picture, the detail is amazing.
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Please make another one based on this one:…

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This should be space Godzilla
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This is an interesting concept of Burning Godzilla. 
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With Collin Trevorrow I doubt this mighty beast wil appear.
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