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Anchiornis huxleyi

Artwork for CNG
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Wonderful work! Looks like something has caught the little guy by surprise.
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So scary, but nice work :)
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This is Really Well done, and to be honest between anyone No one REALLY knows on what colors or how they looked of bringing back Dinosaurs to life were guesstimating on how they looked acted and hunted. I really do love the colors you have used here as it could be possible their have been several different colors too your colors used here are well done and could be one of the Anchiornis color
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actually, the colors of this dinosaur are known :P Black with a red head crest with white on wings and tail.
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Well yes Him we know of as of probably as I have seen 3 yrs ago but I mean for millions of other dinos we are unsure of the colors for them but we just gusstimate the colors that we think are correct, as they maybe not the exact color. I just find it rather improbably that some people think its thing or that color, ya know. I know when I looked them up seeing they have only been discovered lately still leave a wide variety of colors that could still exist for this animal.

Ya get what I mean or did I confuse you? I do that often XD
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That's true, as of now we are unable to examine what scale colors were, but we can with feathers.
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Your work is EXCELLENT. Please, keep on working: now you have a new fan here, in Argentina.
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This looks very beautiful again... The pose of the animal looks so lively and real, also the feathers have lovely texture.

Just wondering, as the previous commenter said of how you made "wrong colors"? How can you tell the "real" colors of an animal that has been dead millions of years, colors do not preserve so long on the fossils, do they? They could all be bright pink for all we know... well probably not pink really, though, but hope you get my point. If someone else painted this dinosaur coloured in specific way before, it doesn´t mean that it´s the only way it can be done because there´s no way for you to compare it to a real one.
I´m a bit confused by this statement.
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I know this comment is over a month old, but I still thought you might be interested: [link]
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I can't believe I'm saying this, but... you got the coloring wrong!
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When painting, I did not look at articles and news stories seriously .....
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Ah, that would do it. Other than the coloring, this is a great picture. All of your paleoart is quite amazing. Keep up the good work!
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Maybe it's a female?
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