My Ego Death Kickstarter- only 4 days left!

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Damn, I have not been on here in AGES! Damn Facebook!

Anyway, in case you haven't heard, I have a Kickstarter campaign going for my next big solo show, entitled, Ego Death. I have almost reached my goal but there is only 4 days left to donate! There are a ton of amazing rewards for backers- some that are only available through this Kickstarter campiagn- so please check out the pitch vid, check out the rewards and donate of you can! Also, spreading the word in these last few days is greatly appreciated!!!

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Hey we were friends on here under an account name I no longer have access to.  Hi again, it has been forever for me coming to devart as well.  Bummer I missed out on your kickstarter! Glad it did so well!
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Thanks, folks!126% funded!
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Wow! This is going to be an amazing show! I adore the funeral idea, I really wish I could go.  
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damnit! I am a fan, and would contribute but I am as of yesterday officially, 100% totally broke. though this show looks like it is going to be awesome!
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I am in the same boat. 0 dollars
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No problem! If you could share the project with folks you think might like it, that would also be super helpful also.
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done and done! you are so freaking close, the suspense must be a killer. I sincerely hopes it makes the mark, Good luck and godspeed!
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