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The Longing

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Meilleur travail, il ou elle ressemble à la mort!!! 
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cool! reminds me of LSD trip
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hey mr.Zar. you are a huge inspiration. I started painting around the same time as I started looking at your art- without your inspiration i may have never started. your work in amazing.
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I seriously like your style- and the expression on that person's face just strikes me as being so solemn, so contemplative looking up at the moon- love it!
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Stunning traditional Pop surrealist work! The conscious use of contrast and color theory are very apparent here. Your organic -styled line quality is consistent and makes the information easy for the viewer to absorb. Keep up the great work! Please visit/share my small art blog. I'm working towards getting my own traditional drawings and paintings out into the web, and would appreciate any small contribution from those with similar tastes! [link]
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Your style is amazing and you inspire me!
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this is not a passive longing, the shovel reveals, but the outcome is uncertain, the crow takes good care of it. Really great work!
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I love the way you made the hair flow, this picture's beautiful!
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great layout and sense of mood
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E.T. callong homee..

lovely traditional work
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Loving your artwork, what's your main technique?
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The colors in this one are amazing, and the contrast is fantastic too man. lovely stuff!
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unusually brilliant as always
will be featured
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I love love love the shapes, they're moving and have bones underneath them. The colors are gorgeous as well.
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Thanks everybody! Lots of love here!
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this is inspiration for me :horns:
You don't need to sign up your works your style is so individual and of course awesome!
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yeah thats awesome :)
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