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Storm Demon

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dude that is amazing :)
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Something about this...

screams Peter Chung...

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Excellent! Her age only adds to the beauty of the piece.
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I really like the feel of this. Something about the background and the lighting creates this sense of vertigo and doom. Excellent work!
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scary yet lovely
(and amazing textures as always)
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I love your textures and rich mix of colors! Brilliantly done.
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I love how the texture in the clouds almost matches the texture of the interior of the wings. It almost makes it look like the clouds themselves are wings blocking the light, with just a small tear in them. Also, the picture was very cleverly arranged. You eye is either drawn to the parting in the clouds or to the face, and either way, looking at one leads your gaze to the other.
Fantastic image. I love how alien the demon looks, but the with enough human characteristics to make it eerie.
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i want these tattooed on my back :clap:
incrediblly nice sir :D
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Pretty sweet broski. Nice series.
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