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Dragon Lady

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really great one !
aquiresville's avatar
Chilling-Creepy, her calmness is super-threatening! Your technique is tremendous, building softness that still looks as hard, and as cold, as stone! And your fever-dream images are truly inspired and dredged-up! Beautiful work, Chet, just seeing this now (Late to the Party, again). Fave'd.
EmmaMount's avatar
i love this new series, so stunning and dark, they have the feel of those beautiful evil disney queens
HippieDish's avatar
I love your artwork. :)

The colors in the background remind me of my paintings. :)

I like very much, me, not so good with words though.
penrethro's avatar
possibly the most humane i've seen thus far.. its odd but clearly not human. once again- Genious, utter genious
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GrimNecropolis's avatar
I love the texture on the face, it makes it look all the more monstrous. Great work!
CursedFreak's avatar
something's reely odd about her hands O.o

I second what :iconazraelengel: and :iconartauxeo: said, your techique on skin is incredible.
artauxeo's avatar
i like how you choose your skin tone.
organically creepy. :D
azraelengel's avatar
I really have no idea how you do it, but I love the texture you get in otherwise "flat" areas with your paints. Amazing.
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