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My piece for " A Cabinet of Curiosities" group wxhibit at Roq La Rue
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..beautiful work.
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ohhhh! That looks really good! especially the wing!
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hey man .....awesome!
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i love it
it^s so well done
would it bother you if i may get it tattooed?
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Nope! Just send me a picture of it to for my collection! Thanks for asking.
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those are the sorts of bats we get native here :) they are cute but sometimes far from little, many a time i've been out for a walk with the dog and had one fly right past my face with up to a 1.5metre wingspan. Beautiful piece of art the canvas texture really adds a rustic feel to the piece and i love the glow around the bat which brings the focal point to his eyes, and as everyone has mentioned before a great change from your normal work, change can be as good as holiday sometimes.. though we all love your traditional style, keep up the great work
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ahhh that bat is so beautiful
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I've featured your Picture in my Journal. [link]
I hope you don't mind!
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Love Love Love this. It is so soft! The lighting makes him pop! Great piece.
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I like his ears. :3
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Oh? Is this by chance the Roq La Rue Gallery of Seattle? If so, damn. I think I missed it.
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Beautiful! I absolutely love bats, so this is definitely going on my favorites! Excellent job!
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I <3 this ^_^ I adore bats, and don't come across them in art too often! this one is wonderful
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Very nice job thar, I like a lot. :)
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Ahhhhhh! I WANT Him! What a Cutie! "How Much for the little bat in the window?!" I just love bats and you did a gorgeous job with this "little guy"-I wish I could afford to buy him!
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Beautifully done!
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You did an amazing job, it looks very realistic. It's also very detailed, and has a cute face! :giggle:
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I love it! LOVE it! thiii i love bats! <3
its awesome ^^
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