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Battle of Nostalgic Scents

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By ChetRippo   |   
Gym Leader Castle challenge continues!
Before venturing on you must battle against The Nature-Loving Princess Erika, The Mystic Seer of the Future Morty, The One with the fiery passion that burns Flannery, The Torrential Masked Master Crasher Wake, and The Shining Beauty Elesa!
Keep it up, and you'll be the champ in no time at all!
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could you do crasher wake, chuck, bruno, lt surge in his heart gold look, fist bumping
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i love crasher wake <3
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As of Black 2 and White 2, the gym leader's main pokemon are Erika/Vileplume, Morty/Gengar, Flannery/Torkoal, Crasher Wake/Floatzel, and Elesa/Zebstrika.
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Great job on haunter and Zebstrika, plus flannery looks amazing.
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TorracattosHobbyist Digital Artist
Idk why but for some reason the 4th ones are always my favorite. Plus it's got the sexy Elesa, Flannery, and Erika :D
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hello chetrippo! Will you make the other 4 gym leaders Of each region to, Please? Cause i loove your artworks!
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Yeah, I'm doing an entire series of all of them. I'll eventually get to them all.
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Cool answer! Im really looking forward to see them soon! ^^
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AltermentalityHobbyist Digital Artist
Keep rocking, Chet! :D I love that badass Zebstrika.
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KeithEKimballProfessional Writer
The wealth of details, blood, sweat, and tears you pour into these multi-character collages is amazing.
And you draw such super-cute girls too. Yowza, Flannery!
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SilverlegendsHobbyist General Artist
3 hot ladies rawr :eyes:
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CartoonynerdProfessional General Artist
I really like how you do the shading on these. Nice job (again)! ;)
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This is probably the biggest variations of types so far.
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The title threw me off. I thought it was gonna be a picture of old pokemon with old gym leaders...oh how I miss the 1st generation
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Red and Blue versions didn't just up and vanish. You could play them if you really wanted to.
BriianzL's avatar
Yeah, I know. But I still miss them.
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I like how you always put them into different poses. Flannery, for instance, is in her battle pose, which is very dynamic, but Elesa is in a pose that freezes the time. It's really quite an interesting effect, especially when it looks like time is slowing down from left to right. Really quite nifty.
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P-z-p-ZHobbyist Writer
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Martyr94Hobbyist General Artist
I'd fight them if my final pokemon hatched out of its egg so I could lvl it up already. :shrug:
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